News that makes you say WTF?!?!

i am sure the NRA is organizing the protest as i type…

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Glad they caught him and I hope they now get the other 2 people involved.


your baloney has a first name

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This story was from last year but only saw it in Harper’s recently.




Had to read this several times to verify the context even in the article didn’t make sense:

Hetal reportedly said she felt dizzy before fainting. Then, she died.
“The doctors told her she had died of a heart attack after she was rushed to a hospital nearby,”

The world actually is just dumb:

…even though the family was shocked by the death of their daughter, members of society convinced them to set an example and not send the bridegroom and his family empty-handed.

ChatGPT is writing like 70% of news articles, no? I realize this was from a year ago when maybe it was less bad then but this is becoming really common.

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Nitpick, no he did not die of chili consumption, that’s just bad journalism. He died of cardiopulmonary arrest, with pre-existing cardiomegaly, when spicy food caused his heart rate to increase.

It’s very possible that running too fast would have done the same.

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Here is a more detailed article about this.

I’m am more than a little surprised VW let it get to the point that the family sued.

That is a shitty, shitty microsociety.

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Just a reminder that the rich are different from you and me.