News that makes you say WTF?!?!

China’s tallest waterfall

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“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

waterfall responds:

The park later posted on behalf of the waterfall saying, “I didn’t expect to meet everyone this way”.

“As a seasonal scenery I can’t guarantee that I will be in my most beautiful form everytime you come to see me,” it adds.

“I made a small enhancement during the dry season only so I would look my best to meet my friends.”


And some Chinese Nationalists (I assume) come to the rescue:

“Yuntai park: Does this person not have better things to do?” a comment liked nearly 40,000 times on Douyin reads.

“I think it’s a good thing to do. Otherwise people would be disappointed if they end up seeing nothing there,” a user on Weibo said.

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In communist China, water befalls you!

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Stu, kids, ducks…


14 advanced degrees from HYPSM institutions.

What a life: the never ending College student.

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nothing to see here

At least he got the degrees, unlike Judy Maxwell.

Without reading the article yet (thanks, number guy!), I’d peg him as an oddball guy who doesn’t deserve a NYT article about himself.

Yup, I was correct.

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Maybe should be in the Darwin thread but she didn’t die. A friend posted about this asking why. I replied i would never have gon over 25 or 30 mph.

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Re the Joro spider, from Wikipedia: This spider’s bite does not pose significant risks to humans. Their small fangs and reluctant biting behavior make it unlikely for a bite to occur. When bites do take place, the venom is weak. The temporary pain and redness has been compared to that of a bee sting.

So, as dangerous as a bumble bee. I look forward to this new decorative spider.

They’re an invasive species that threatens indigenous wildlife as I understand it. So they are harmful, just not immediately so.

Which ones?

Asking for a cicada friend who’s having a huge family reunion soon.

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Big Fruit isn’t done yet, I guess.

Joro spiders

Cicadas are indigenous to North America. Joro spiders are not.

I am asking which indigenous species are threatened by this invasive one.
My cicada friend is worried.

Because Mondays are slow at a bar and I’m going to wildly venture their clientele is disproportionately straight Evangelicals who don’t care about discrimination.

Why not comp one $4 Bud Light so they get a second beer and some nachos? You’re still profiting on a night that heterosexual may have stayed home.



Eh, from the spheres I’m part of it seems that conservatives have forgotten that Bud Lite was woke in one online-only mini-advertisement just as much as they forgot Keurig was woke because (who remembers?) and just as much as they forgot Target had Pride merch because they moved it away from the front.

the cycle spins fast, that’s for sure