News that makes you say WTF?!?!

Is it really that shocking, though? The thumbnail on the main news site showed the guy all lumpy and beyond impossibly chiseled. Is that level of bodybuilding really all that healthy?

Don’t know about being “all that healthy”, but there have been a ton of people doing those sorts of competition without death (other health complications, yes). But until we see a “cause of death” revealed, it might not be all that productive speculating on the cause here.

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Tangent: OK, this makes no sense. So, we just do other, more productive things while awaiting the cause of death, and when it is finally released, we can THEN speculate? Are you new here??


We do like to speculate. Might even be in the job description.

Bodybuilder deaths are usually linked to show preparation.

The last few weeks or so they take a combination of diuretics and blood plasma enhancers (this is what gives them the appearance of being shredded with little sub-Q water) in order to be ready.

This is quite dangerous as what happens is that blood hematocrit levels (the solid parts of your blood) can increase dangerously. When your bood gets too “thick” it will cause blockages leading to heart attacks (in severe cases) and/or long-term physiological damage if you keep repeating this process again and again.

Wrestlers have similar problems when they try to cut weight in order to make a weigh in (massive water loss also causes blood hematocrit to rise as well as imbalances in sodium/potassium levels). A few have died over the years because they took it too far.

In reality, most of the bodybuilding folks have a limited idea of how the drugs they take work and interact. The “more is better” approach is usually what ends up doing them damage when they are competing on stage.

Just to add:

Back in Arnold’s day competing they did not abuse diuretics as much as they do now. They took far less drugs back then when they prepared for a show.


cyclists with EPO did this too.

Head out your garage and find this:

I mentioned this headline to J2 this morning at breakfast. Her response: “The Miami kind or the aquatic kind?” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


“Why not both?”
– Snowflake

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This is old news, but I just came across the story on Reddit and I don’t see it in this thread:

tl;dr: Brazilian spider hitched a ride with a bunch of bananas to Austria. It was spotted in a grocery store. Allegedly the spider is the most venomous in the world, with its venom causing death or priapism.

Go on…

Also, I believe that John Goodman can eradicate the arachnids…

Is that why male spiders die soon after copulation?

Went ocean fishing. Brought some snacks including bananas. Was informed bananas are considered bad luck on boats, mostly due to the spiders in the bunches stories

I was kind of thinking rattlesnakes in AZ can’t be too much of a surprise, but that was a LOT of rattlesnakes.

What doesnt kill you…

If you experience an erection lasting longer than twenty-four hours, call up your friends and brag about it.

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1-year-old’s fentanyl death at Bronx day care leads to federal charges

I’m pretty laissez faire about drug use and drug trafficking. But mixing drug dealing with running a daycare for babies? Is it really that much to ask of drug dealers to keep the stuff where toddlers won’t chew on it?

One baby died and three other were revived with narcan.

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News like this is crushing being a parent of two young girls. Crushing.