Musk buys Twitter

I doubt there exists a person who uses that phrase (correctly or incorrectly) that actually doesn’t care about whatever it is they are talking about.

I couldn’t care less about not caring less.

But I could care more.

Lots of Musk-Lemon interview floating around now. I haven’t watched much of it, but I don’t think Musk will be at Tesla much longer. The guy has completely lost touch with reality (this is more based on his own posting on X)…the bigger problem is his thought process seems to be going on full display, and it does not seem to be very good.

Separately, the lot of unsold Tesla cars I drive by regularly is growing noticeably each time I go by.

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Agree that Musk is likely on the way out at Tesla.

Their performance is deteriorating and Musk is not doing them any favours.


Looks like he might want to lose a few pounds before he faces off against Zuckerberg

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George Strait making the soundtrack for “Lost In Space”.

I assume he just has regular liposuction. I doubt this was ever confirmed but it was a common opinion online that he’s taken HGH without the exercise that’s supposed to accompany it to make it work - which results in barrel chest. I’m no expert on that though :person_shrugging:


Regular liposuction can mess with your skin which takes further plastic surgery to maybe ameliorate, but it can be done.

is his disclosure that he has a ketamine prescription going to protect him or not help him?

Musician Claire Boucher, aka Grimes, seems to have announced a new boyfriend on Instagram, which has led to Elon Musk unfollowing her on X / Twitter.

Grimes has had a lot of support on the post, with comments on it including ‘girlie this is a HUGE step up’, ‘Elon found dead’ and ‘whoever that is, it’s a f*****g relief to see’.

Surprised he hasn’t banned her. It would make him look like a child, but that’s never stopped him before.

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Cybertruck is not sated by billionaire; seeks fingers to sate lust for blood

Oh ffs:

A shocking story was promoted on the “front page” or main feed of Elon Musk’s X on Thursday:

“Iran Strikes Tel Aviv with Heavy Missiles,” read the headline.

This would certainly be a worrying world news development. Earlier that week, Israel had conducted an airstrike on Iran’s embassy in Syria, killing two generals as well as other officers. Retaliation from Iran seemed like a plausible occurrence.

But, there was one major problem: Iran did not attack Israel. The headline was fake.

Even more concerning, the fake headline was apparently generated by X’s own official AI chatbot, Grok, and then promoted by X’s trending news product, Explore, on the very first day of an updated version of the feature.


Concerning. Big if true. Etc.

All they have to do is automatically start all posts with “Some people are saying …”


deceptive. What’s saying that is not people, but bots. We have GOT to stop anthropomorphizing the AIs before they actually start to believe it!

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“What is your reaction [to that]?”

Musk really seems to be circling the drain at this point.

He is getting even more volatile and shrill.

He is about to deep-six the entire Brazilian Twitter operation because he just can’t seem to respond well to anybody telling him what the basic societal rules are.

Elon admits in court he has two alts, article below. One of his alts posted this:

I don’t use Twitter much anymore. I have checked in during the past 24 hours, and my timeline is bombarded by ads that red flag laws regarding firearms are illegal. It’s amazing how much some group must be spending to advocate for violent felons, domestic abusers, and the mentally ill to be able to have firearms. I tried a few different reporting mechanisms, but will now block it.