Makes me smile

and my opponent played DUNG

and another guy i play, started a game with GUANO



United Airlines advertised a “time travel” flight that would let you celebrate 2 2023 New Year’s Eves. Then couldn’t deliver. I guess Einstein was right.


[also, once the Price was over, it was time to watch Days of Our Lives with Ma]


swap ginger ale for 7up. the rest checks out


my wife getting verklempt, over my 98 yo, 120 lb dad polishing off a salad, rack of lamb chops, baked potato, spinach and asking for dessert


My aunt & uncle lost their :poop: when I made an offhand comment about my then-88 yo grandmother’s wine at dinner. “Wine? You let her drink WINE?!?!?! She’s not supposed to have wine on her medication!!!”


  1. I didn’t know that.
  2. I have no authority over my grandmother.
  3. Even if 1 & 2 were not true… she’s 88 and in reasonably good shape from a dementia standpoint. She can make her own decisions. If she prefers to have wine with dinner and live 2 more years rather than forego wine and live 4 more years… that’s her decision to make. Not mine. Same as you deciding to risk your life driving a car and having steak which is bad for your heart and all of the other suboptimal decisions that you make like the adults that you are.

It’s like my FIL riding his motorcycle (not that he really rides it anymore)

But he was 82 and rode his bike from NC to our house.

I figure if that’s the way he dies… that’s really up to him. He’s a big boy (and not senile). I’d miss discussing sumo with him, but ffs, the man has earned it


This is not a political statement. It just makes me smile:

St. Paul will swear in its first all-female City Council on Tuesday. How did we get here?

When St. Paul’s new City Council is sworn in on Tuesday, all of its seats will be filled by women for the first time in the city’s 170-year history.

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We tried something similiar here locally. Voted in a majority of women, in an area traditionally held by old white mostly conservative guys. It went very badly, not because they were women, but because the women got together (together they had a majority) and went from mildly right, to pretty hard left. To much change, too fast. they made national news over a few things that ended up causing infighting amongst neighbours, stuff that’s lasting to this day.
They also acted collectively like infants. They publicly chastised and demeaned the major. The mayor was old, and a bumbling fool - but everyone KNEW he was old and a bumbling fool. He got elected because he was a nice guy, well meaning, and had only the residents’ best interests at heart. Yeah, mixed with saying stuff right out of the 1950’s, but he was harmless otherwise. So when he was publicly attacked by the collection of women, people were very angry. LIke, yeah, he did that thing he does again, but have a chat with him. Don’t push him into the public papers, talk down to him publicly like he’s a child, etc.
They lasted one term, then got voted out. Replaced with a 30yo female mayor, a woman councillor, a sikh, and our representative traditional 2 old white guys. And they all seem to be shy of controversy, so that’s nice for a change.

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Aren’t they supposed to be chicken legs?

about to crosspost this to the commercials that make you say WTF? thread.

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yeah, that too.

I don’t think sharks should be into pizza

It would be interesting if the desire and lack of means to eat pepperoni drove them to eat animals that eat pepperoni.

If it were anchovies, that’d be ironic.

I’m at robotics today. It’s lunch time, and the table is currently engaged in a lively discussion about the relative merits of the mortar & pestle vs the molcajete. It’s a fun group of kids.


had a big smile yesterday morning.

Driving to the state park for a trail run, and I realized I forgot a hat. Oh, no big deal, I’ve got a hood on my sweatshirt, I can just pull that up. Oh, crap, also forgot gloves. Hope it’s not too cold, or that I warm up quickly. [Really don’t like running with cold hands.] But I glance down at the console tray between the two front seats, and wouldn’t you know it? A hat! So I give a little smile and pick it up and put it on my head. Lo and behold, underneath is a pair of gloves. Oh, happy day! Had a great run wearing both the hat and the gloves the whole way.