Is White Supremacy a serious threat to the US, or is saying so a "darndest thing"?

I don’t think that word means what Biden thinks it means…

What word?

Probably “is”. Didn’t bill clinton have a problem with that word too?


pretty sure Fox News doesn’t know what that word means. I’ll add it to the list

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How cute and mature - rather than discuss the stupidity and pandering of Biden’s moronic comments, you three dissect the appropriateness of the grammar in the meme I used.

But when that’s the only card you have to play, I guess you play it.

That was a real post. I have no idea what you are disputing.


Note that this report was preparted under the Trump administration. Maybe Biden should have used greatest instead of most dangerous.

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I also have no idea what word he is referring to. Terrorist?

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Terrorist is limiting on the word threat. White supremacy might not be the most dangerous threat to America, but among terrorist threats it seems to be at the top of the list. I’d further limit this to MAGA inspired white supremacy or possibly refine that to MAGA terrorists, but i expect Ranger would reject either those offerings.

Maybe you can quote the part of his comments that you disagree with and we can start from there. When I tried to read your linked article it wanted me to use their app, so I didn’t get to see Biden’s words.

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There was an “expand article” button that i missed the first time trying to figure this out, or maybe it was just added a few minutes ago.

Yeah that button wasn’t there before.
Not much extra content after that though, just a bunch of whining about how people never talked about racism in that way before. I wonder what changed in the last decade?

Maybe Ranger agrees with Tommy Tuberville?


If you’re looking for some feedback, this post is very passive aggressive and does not convey an actual message on your thoughts, and seems to only be here to antagonize. If you’re actually interested in a discussion, it would be helpful if you could expand a bit.


I’ll let him speak for himself, but agree the jury is out on that topic until he comes back to clarify.


“Supremacy” vs “Supremacists”, perhaps?

A real “drink bleach” moment there.

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“The Great Unifier” giving a wonderfully inspiring and motivating commencement address to some recent college graduates. I’m not exactly sure how discussing White supremacy as the most dangerous terrorist threat is an appropriate topic, or even accurate, (there are plenty of; Russian, Chinese, Iranian, North Korean hackers, and assorted real terrorist organizations with annouced intentions of destroying “the Great Satan” that are laughing at the absurdity of his statement) - but hey, let’s pretend everything is OK and Biden isn’t pandering to his audience (and “saying the darndest things”).

Maybe you are in denial that the actual real terrorist threat in the US are MAGA supremacists. How many people did those other groups you mention kill here in the US in the last 10 years? What about the MAGA followers?


I’m not either, without the other context of the speech. Maybe it was appropriate, maybe it wasn’t…