Is killing a dog basically like killing a cow?

We need answers!

I think we should just accept that as humans we prefer some species over others, with dogs being perhaps the most highly rated of all.

No one would bat an eye if she shot an opposum (those tails are a non starter, although fortunately for them I see they dont live in SD).

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My wife ranks dogs above people for the most part.


Where do cows rank?

I like cows, and steak. Id be in favor of animal welfare laws such that steak became more expensive but cows lived in fields until the end of their days.

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Lower. She’ll call them cute if she sees them but still willing to eat them. Doesn’t want to hear or think about the process though.

It’s too bad we don’t like eating the “low rated” species either. Could really deal with the rat problem where I live.

We like lobster, that’s a pretty low rated species. Personally, I am willing to eat beef and pork, but mostly eat plants and non-mammals.

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We’ve co-evolved with dogs for something like 30k years. They’ve been our protectors, hunting partners, and companions. The ones that were best at their job or whose company we enjoyed most, were bred and protected more. It’s at least part of the reason we can recognize “smiling” in dogs and that many have fur coloration above their eyes that remind us of eyebrows. They can give us facial expressions and cues just like we do to them.

Cats? We don’t have as much co-evolutionary history with them. Give it another ~5k years and maybe cats will be as well loved as dogs are now.

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I see a dog as a higher life form than a cow
I don’t believe in killing an animal for no good reason
If a dog is infirmed or truly dangerous, it should be put down
(I don’t believe her story, that it had to be done, though)
I eat meat, I have no issue eating cow
If in a culture where they eat dog, I am not sure if I would

True, eating lobsters feels exactly like eating giant buttery spiders, which I would do, but I don’t think it would be very popular…

I eat poultry, chicken, duck, goose, heard some culture where they eat Swan and that freaked me out

You had me at giant buttery


Whats the difference between a swan and a goose? A sense of entitlement?

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Goose is the highest lifeform I have ever killed myself

accident on the golf course, but really disturbed me, especially since it wasn’t quick

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Oof yeah i can see that being unsettling

Randy Johnson fastball vs bird. Some may find it distressing. Bird never felt a thing.

Pun intended??

What about an interrupt- — MOOO!

Also, I believe Dave Winfield

This thread is like billboards I’ve seen . . .


Also: Ones that say “why love one and eat the other?”

At one time, the above “eating” billboard was followed up a few billboards down with a message to “End hunger”.