Political Humor Thread

So she’s not a murderer, she’s just a really sh*tty dog trainer.

otoh, she could have saved the ammo and the carcass stink by, for instance, dropping the dog off at a shelter. Lack of thinking outside of the murderous box, imo.

Kristi Noem presents a rock-solid defense. She had to defend the kids!

She’s gone far too deep to backtrack now. Ever since it was put into the book “without her knowledge and she never saw it was in the book”, it’s been too late. But especially after tripling down on “killing puppies is okay”.

Apparently MAGA is trying to “reclaim” the rumors of Trump wearing diapers and shitting himself with the slogan, “Real Men Wear Diapers.”

As a lib, I’m feeling very owned.


This kind of mockery is borderline for me. I don’t like mocking people with medical conditions for those conditions, but if one brags about how one is a specimen of prime health while the truth is otherwise that seems to open the door somewhat.



Hope all the people making fun of Noem don’t eat any meat. Cow’s consciousness vs a dog’s… probably about the same. I fail to see how it would be worse to kill a dog vs kill a cow when people don’t need to eat meat to be healthy. So yeah, you’re basically killing a cow because you want something tasty.

Oh, and the dog wasn’t a puppy. Not that it matters if you eat lamb.

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Agree w this. Not worth mentioning imo and super petty. For the detractors there are plenty of things if substance (again, for detractors) to seize on

This would seem as good a thread as any to post this humorous story involving Boris Johnson


There’s a difference between killing an animal for a purpose (meat) and killing out of anger. She could’ve chosen to surrender the dog to a shelter. While there are inherent personalities with dogs (like humans), she’s responsible for training the dog.

Not sure if there are means for donating or surrendering goats. The goat killing was also out of anger.

Neither killing was done after deliberating possible solutions. She also did it without realizing there were others around. Not sure of the positioning, but I would think before firing a gun, it’d think carefully assessing if others were in the area would be part of safe/responsible use.

It’s still funny.

I dunno, you are reading emotions into actions. She was killing the animal for a purpose - to prevent future attacks by it. Yes maybe a shelter would have taken it. ( And then likely have put it down if no one adopted it shortly thereafter. Which is a very likely scenario and even PETA puts down animals routinely for no other reason than that no one has adopted them. ) But when you eat meat you also have alternatives, such as chicken or fish or vegetarian fare.

I think we’re reading lack of emotions into actions,

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Women are often penalized for showing emotions and for lacking emotions.

Sounds about right.

I don’t know how you both agree with this post and say it was killed out of anger rather than out of logic.

I also don’t know how you read her brain and decide that stuff.

The account I read was that she was fed up with the dog, shot it in a ditch, then decided at that moment to do the same with the goat. After she killed them both, she noticed some construction workers watching. That’s poor situational awareness when firing a gun.

Beef cattle are specifically raised for meat. That was not what the dog and goat were raised for.

Raising an animal for killing doesn’t make a difference to whether you kill it or not

I suppose if I went Cruella de Ville and raised dalmatians for their pelts that would be fine then

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She killed it because it was a nuisance. Seems a bit more like squashing a spider than killing a cow for meat…

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It was biting humans, and killed a different families multiple chickens suddenly without any direction to do so, just went after them.

Doesn’t sound like a dog that’s safe around people, (not just a “nuisance”)

Maybe a determined dog lover with no small kids would have risked it

I have seen too many mauling stories to think that’s a good risk to take

Possibly. My dog is a rescue that was on the chopping block. Shelters attempt to adopt animals out but unfortunately have finite resources. That wasn’t the driver for Noem shooting the dog.

I don’t know how you deduced that she weighed this out to come to a logic decision. Do you have brain reading rights?

I wonder what she told her kid when she asked where the dog was. “Cricket wouldn’t listen to Mommy, so I put a bullet into her head.”

I did not see that. It ruined a bird hunting trip, then chased/killed some chickens. Please link an article where Noem stated the dog was biting people. I saw she complained that the goat got the kids’ clothes dirty.

This was the original article I read:

She did say the dog turned to bite her, not that the dog actually bit her. Sounds like the school bus with her kid pulled up right afterwards, I hope the carcasses weren’t still in the ditch.

I read this tonight in light of your comments:

Again, the dog supposedly tried to bite her. I’m unsure why she chose to take the dog in the first place, given that the had young kids and it was being given up by a family that deemed the dog too aggressive. Unsure which version of her story is actually true.