Is killing a dog basically like killing a cow?

Tbh, it’s just not a very convincing billboard. I would write something like “radiant” or “humble” over the pig.


Well, pigs are delicious so there’s that, but I understand the point. I’ve never eaten dog afaik. I eat pork but I do have qualms about it given their intelligence.

That spoilered bit is funny.

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cue the Pulp Fiction scene.

killing a dog depends on it being either too infirmed to continue or too dangerous for others to be around. bc we just kill it and then destroy the carcass. (no meat, coat use, etc.)

i don’t have a problem killing a cow if we plan on making use of the carcass - meat, hide, etc.

I did try dog once years ago. It was ordered for us as a special treat. I don’t remember at all what it might have tasted like.



me too, saw that on the web


I’ve had swan. My brother got a license and shot one.

The meet kinda had the texture of roast beef.

Besides bugs the only things I’ve have killed are mice when they start leaving droppings in my house

I eat plenty of cows, fish, chicken, and pigs tho. Never killed one with my own hands, don’t plan to or I’d probably have to go vegan

Sure, but don’t pretend that this is for humane reasons rather than some psychological thing

And don’t expect every human to go along with some romantic idea of dogs over other species

well, sure, who knows what cat lovers will say.

but why should we care?

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So it’s not wrong for me to eat a dog because you like dogs.

I hate dogs, so I’m gonna eat 'em all.


Sure it is “psychological”. We also value humans over cows for psychological reasons.

I’m not sure what you mean by “humane”.


I think most people would agree that in animal treatment the question of morality comes in, not just some emotional tie people have to various types of animals.

And once you bring in the question of morality, the level of consciousness of the animal species in question seems very relevant.

That’s what I mean.

Also, that’s why even if you have no psychological reason to want to value a particular human, it is still considered immoral to kill them.

I think that morality is a subset of psychology (or emotion). But, of course, words like that have fuzzy definitions.

What I mean is that we all have gene-determined brain circuits and hormone paths. Morality, empathy, and altruism all derive from those underlying physical circuits and paths.

We care about humans that are members of “our group”. We sometimes feel like dogs are (probably junior) members of our group. We don’t feel that way about fish, for example. Dogs are capable of triggering things that we connect with. They look at us with their binocular eyes, they may be soft and furry, they want to be around us, welcome us when we come home, are capable of following directions, are protective of our families, want to please.

Fair enough, but a lot of people believe that morality is more absolute than that.

I understand that. I have trouble being one of those people.

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It’s hard to imagine eating a dog. I don’t think I would, but I don’t judge others for doing so, particularly if it’s part of their cultural tradition.

But this

And this

are where I am with Noem.

I think it was common in England for the nobility to eat swans. In the 12 Days Of Christmas song it was mostly about providing food. Supposedly the golden rings were actually a kind of bird too from what I’ve read.

Those cannibals!!

Were they young? and fine??