Interesting personalized license plates we've seen

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I am pretty sure it was personalized, but have been looking for a similar plate to double check letter/number combo order.


um, ok

“eightyfour, eightyfour, EH! DEE! FOOOOOUR!!!”

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Speaking of football, if you’d like to join the FSP contest, go here.

After a doctor’s appointment this morning, I was in a Starbucks drive-thru line behind



It was on the Weinermobile in a hotel parking lot.


Seen on Reddit:

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The Québec subreddit appears to be on a roll with license plates

On Reddit, I came across someone reporting that in one Tennessee county the current-issue regular license plates are coming out in the format ###-BDSM.

I went looking for a picture. I was unsuccessful, but I did find the following web page, which amused me greatly:

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i just saw an 8, the other day

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George Costanza’s second child? …or grandchild?

49, seven squared? Ron Guidry

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Pure Michigan … what now?

AFAICT this is actually real. I’d never heard of her, but apparently she’s a political reporter and she’s got a verified Twitter account. :woman_shrugging:

is she objecting to the first word possibilities or that she will do it 24/7


Both maybe?

The placement of the Mackinac Bridge tower is also slightly… unfortunate.

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Maybe her SO is not “pure Michigan”.

Wow you guys have filthy minds. First thing that popped into my head was she has a boat at dock #247.