I am going to buy this (these) today and reasons why

Next thing you’re going to tell me is that “Worchester” is only two syllables.

I’m not certain, but Worcester is only two.

oops. That’s what I meant.

Well Worcestershire is somehow only two syllables, the way a lot of people around me pronounce it.

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Wow, I’m not sure how you get two syllables after adding the “shire”… worst-shur???

That’s pretty dang rad for $75. Want.


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What is, “what animal crows loudly at the beginning of each day?”


That’s the way Kripke would say it, anyway.


I went to the outlet mall today, and in four different purchases bought an entire 90’s outfit, which I didn’t even realize until I got home. Got a flannel shirt, high tops, jeans, and a fanny pack.

It’s not quite at the level of grunge, but I feel some strong nostalgia today. Reminds me of being in middle school, steeping in insecurities.


I’d suggest some Doc Martens but the quality sucks now. I got a ‘made in England’ pair in 2019, and even those aren’t stellar. So, get a pair of Solovair to complete the ensemble.

Crank up some Toad the Wet Sprocket or Pearl Jam or Neutral Milk Hotel. Maybe some Dead Hot Workshop if you want a deeper cut, idk.


Do you know why roosters crow first thing in the morning? Because roosters crow all day long.

My fancy balsamic vinegar arrives today, @NerdAlert

Homer Drool GIFs | Tenor


So last fall I’m way up north talking to a guy I met up there about the lights on my trailer. We both agreed that we should have LED lights on our trailers instead of the ‘works 50% of the time’ crap they install on boat trailers. Gonna get around to that any day now.
Last weekend, (six months later) up north again, talking to the same guy as I’m lying in the dirt fixing trailer lights. Again. And agreeing with him that we should both have led lights on our trailers, but never actually get around to it.
Arriving today, finally, new led lights for my boat trailer lol. Next time I see this guy, no more excuses.


Same one as before?

I would probably average a bottle a month if I didn’t ration myself.

Yeah, the 100ml bottle of the ‘cheap’ stuff, some day I’ll splurge but not today. I probably could go through a bottle a month, it’s really good. But normally I only think about it when I have fresh bread I want to dip into it, or when we get fancy cheese, which we don’t do all that often.

Mental note: my nieces were over the moon with my Thai food, next time they are up I’m gonna blow their mind with charcuterie.


I bought all three the first time, I use the most expensive small one verrrrrry sparingly, and as a result I still have at least half of that bottle left. The top has a stopper with the option to only pour out drops at a time. I like to add a few drops to a bowl of raspberries for a snack. Also good on goat cheese, blistered tomatoes, would be great on ice cream if I ate it.

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