I am going to buy this (these) today and reasons why

Indoor plant - I just bought a house, painted everything, filling spaces with furniture, but it seems I am still missing something. I think I’d like to get some plants. The ones that are “air cleaning” and don’t need a lot of work. Snake Plant (aka Mother-In Law Tongue) is on the top of my list. Please recommend another plant for me to consider (I’ll water it 1x a week, it cleans the air, easy upkeep and lives long)

An axe - with this house came a huge tree that was cut down and left in odd places in the back yard. Might also help me with cardio swinging it and breaking them up for firewood.

I usually do this every other payday or 1x a month. I got to learn that it is OK to spend $ on myself.

What are you buying?


I have an axe. I have a chainsaw. Honestly, I think the chainsaw is less dangerous. They both are dangerous, I understand. But if you use the chainsaw carefully, I think it can be safe.

The axe always seemed to not work well unless I was swinging it harder than I could control, so that’s why I don’t like it.

For breaking up tree wood, I’d suggest a sledge hammer and wedge/splitter instead of an axe.

As for me, I am shopping around for a high end pellet grill. Maybe a Yoder.

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Hmmm, I can think of other uses for a sledge hammer. Sledge and wedge it is!

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I bought a really nice Univ of KS t-shirt this week. I live a mile from the college. So even though I’m not really into sportsball, I’m enjoying March Madness because my city is pretty electric right now. The main drag (Mass. St.) got shut down by a mob after KU beat Miami.

Other than that, just spending a mint on house stuff.

Looks like @NerdAlert is feeding her $200/mo balsamic vinegar habit this week.

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Let it dry out first.

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Lots of popular indoor plants.
Monstera, fiddle tree, bird of paradise, ponytail palm, etc.

Just be aware if you need them to be pet safe.

Good idea, and I plan too. I have a shed in the back that I can place a cord inside it.

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No pets, not planning on getting one

I’m buying peace today. No work, at one of my best friends’ house (going on 30 beeping years, :old:), and will see my grandma later today.

I bought a $38 bag of dino-sours imported from Canada last paycheck (they’re supposed to arrive by tomorrow).

I could also use some pet-safe plants - and by safe I mean, if one cat eats all the leaves he won’t die, and if the other cat digs the plant out of the dirt the plant won’t die. Nothing should die.

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I like pothos a lot because they grow to hang down and have a nice green color, also have a couple snake plants. I have a peace lily that’s nice, although it’s a bit more high maintenance than the pothos and snake plants.

I’d also refer you to this handy dandy wikipedia page on air cleaning plants:

I also have a spider plant… that one is OK, I’m not as much a fan of its leaves. And I have a zamioculcas zamiifolia (zz) that’s decent.

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Probably something like cat nip, eh?

Umbrella plants are pretty low maintenance. Water bamboo is good too, it can live in water, so it’s easy to know when to water it (I think money plants can too)

I’d like to buy a concept 2 rower, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, price is just a bit much, but I think in the next few months.

I bought these yesterday. Have a reverse pair in white with light grey swoosh. I love Air Force 1’s!!!

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I’m just window shopping…

Anderson or Pella?


This week I bought end table lamps for my living room and a can crusher for my pantry wall. Splurged.

We drink a ton of seltzer water in my house. Finally decided to get a soda stream. I think it will pay for itself pretty quickly, and will be much more environmentally friendly.

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