I am going to buy this (these) today and reasons why

It’s not going into a Housecleaner, is it???

Ooooh I was envisioning one of those $50 kits I’ve seen. Makes more sense now.

I’m considering buying the Knipex pliers wrench, anybody got a pair, or ever used them? I have pliers and channel locks and wrenches, and these wouldn’t replace them. I’d keep these in the house as a sort of jack-of-all-trades tool if I’m just doing an odd job. The ones below have smooth jaws and are kind of aimed at plumbers, they have some ‘cobra’ versions with teeth in the jaws and I might prefer those.

When I first heard about these they looked kind of gimmicky, but a lot of pros absolutely swear by them.


That’s just an adjustable wrench, right? I’ve never heard of that brand, but I have a wrench that looks like that. So did my dad. I use it somewhat frequently, when I don’t know exactly what size wrench I need.

Yeah, they work fine. Mine has teeth in the jaws.

Sort of. There is a button you press to adjust how wide the jaw opens. And the mechanism is on a sort of cam instead of a simple lever.

So while it is comparable to channel locks it is a bit nicer. This might be something I put on my Christmas list. I don’t need it, and I might not want to spend $50 on fancy pliers, but I’d appreciate having these.

Hmm. That sounds fussier to use and more likely to break than the simple channel lock version.

That’s why I dismissed it at first. But tons of plumbers seem to love these tools. I figure that says a lot about how durable/reliable they are.

I’m on r/plumbing, in case you wonder where I’m getting feedback from plumbers.

It looks to be the evil crossbreed of a Channel-lock and Crescent.

Our his and hers sewing machines came in today!

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People may be asking themselves, well, what is space lobster going to make? When the better question is what am I NOT going to make. Flannel sheets, custom gun socks for my scoped rifles, upland hunting pants…

pretty soon you’ll be ready for this!


I bought all this. The laptop just arrived. The big hard drive has been shipped. The cables to connect everything should be shipped today. The zip ties to tidy up after i run the cables through my monitor arm arrived last night, when we were out.

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