I am going to buy this (these) today and reasons why

I might move my gaming to it. Gotta see if Witcher 3 runs on Mac… [eta: no. But Minecraft will run]

But mostly i don’t need the power, it’s just that my existing MacBook pro is getting long in the tooth, and it’s time to upgrade. I do need the storage. I have a lot of raw music files i want to edit. (Recordings of friends. I don’t make music.) I also need to wrangle my photo collection into shape.

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@Echo: Amirite???

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Bought a three-pack of Justin 2020 Focus. It is a high-level Syrah. Will drink one for Brother-in-Law’s Birthday at Lawry’s.
Special price for members, couldn’t pass it up.

Originally read this as “three-way.” Must have still been thinking about my thread count.

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She does not sleep on the bed.

I get too many charleyhorses up there :dog:



Mmmmm: spaghetti, chili, cheese… I could really go for a three-way right now. With oyster crackers.

I can’t stop buying “World’s Smallest x” items from Perpetual Kid for stockings and now they have new ones and I think I have a problem.

World’s smallest Clue?! Yes. World’s smallet Chess!? Shut up and take my money! World’s smallest slinky! F$%^ yes! And so on…

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Bought seats for this:


They showed up on my youtube feed within the last few years. I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit…aamof, I just watched a Sara Niemietz video.

Bought this:

and this:

in physical form. Because the world needs more actuarial joke books.

Is this a book of new material or did the author just pilfer jokes from actuarial jokes.com (which was started by the JerryTuttle and now maintained by Ezra Penland)?

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Some are the old ones we all know, some are new (and one was mine).

There are a few memes in there, too. You’ll have seen most of those, as I shared a lot of those as he tweeted them here: https://twitter.com/Actuarial_Tutor

A Boba kit from Trader Joe’s because I’ve never had Boba.

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I worked with Actuary Problem Dog for about a year on my second rotation. That’s funny.

Wouldn’t it be more economical to go to a bubble tea place instead?

It was $2 for a 4 pack.