I am going to buy this (these) today and reasons why

Squeeze test.


:smile: bonus points if one of them is named Charmaine.

Hey, sexy! You here alone? :wink:

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A few years ago, my wife went through our closet, attic, basement, etc to catalogue her jeans collection.

174 pairs. One. Seven. Four.

The vast majority she had before we started dating, so it wasn’t on my watch that they accumulated.

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There are quilt patterns designed with extra denim in mind. I think your wife’s collection would make several quilts.

Several of those tarps that cover baseball diamonds during rain delays.


That’s not going to get you very far unless you look like Kevin James.

I recognize those ankles!

Nice ankles.


I intentionally cropped out my toes. Toes are gross. Ankles are where it’s at.

Toes are just short stubby fingers. Toes can be interesting.

It’s about time for new socks. I think I’m going to wade into the world of Darn Tough. Maybe also try Smart Wool and see which I prefer. Anybody try one or both?

I haven’t tried darn tough but I was just talking about them with someone who has, and he loves them. They’re produced ethically and have a lifetime warranty, but maybe that’s ubiquitous in the expensive wool sock arena.

I have bought multiple pairs of smartwool socks. Comfortable and very long lasting. Never tried the other brand.

I think I’m gonna start with one pair of each and report back.

Take that word to the ‘SAT words’ thread, imo.

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I’ve used smart wool. I haven’t used darn tough. The smart wool socks i got were on clearance somewhere, and they turned out to be thicker than what i really wanted, but otherwise they were fine.

Add a dishwasher to my washer and dryer purchase. FLICK!

I just paid for the dishwasher i ordered a week ago. It’s supposed to be delivered in another 1.5 weeks.

Smartwool has lots of different thicknesses now to adjust for usage/personal preference

Since we are discussing wool socks, I have purchased 2 wool items from www.unboundmerino.com. I haven’t tried their socks, but I would consider buying them based on the quality of their other items.

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I ordered some clothes for a concert I’m attending next weekend.