Hunter Biden Investigation

I sure hope when DJT is convicted of federal crimes they can share a cell.

Highly conflicted

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Saving his major outrage for Hunter’s lenient sentence?

Some parallels between Hunter’s and DJT’s trials as both involved crimes that probably usually go unnoticed and thus unpunished. And there are potentially bigger crimes still awaiting trial (although DJT’s appear more significant). Republicans won’t be happy until Joe Biden is in jail.



Also, both were obviously guilty and a trial normally isn’t necessary. Both felons decided that a trial was necessary instead of pleading guilty in the first place, wasting tax dollars and one will actually pay his lawyer fees (the other one simply won’t).


MTG, the “gift” that keeps on giving.

See when Biden gets paid it’s illegal corruption. When Trump gets paid, that’s just good business.

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Waiting for Comer to release the evidence or has it been released already?

Is he or Jordan a bigger tool?

Jordan I think. Or maybe Ron Johnson.

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Jordan is overtly a tool. Johnson is covertly a tool. But I would also argue that Johnson would sell his wife and kids out for the right dollar amount.

Catching up, so ninja risk acknowledged, but I don’t think the existence of federal campaign funds really moves the needle much here.

Alright can anybody catch me up on this thing that /r/Republican and /r/Conservative “just know” and keep going on about?

They say “sure there was the one laptop that the Democrat FBI had to admit to, but the real story is the second laptop that the FBI still hasn’t admitted exists

Then that’ll just get 60 upvotes and responses like “Very true, they hide all the real evidence of corruption”

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Biden is still president, the laptop’s potential has not yet been fully realized.

The collection of Hunter’s d*ck pics on the laptop is destined to be the downfall of the Democrat Party and bring about decades of MAGA hegemony. /s