Hunter Biden Investigation

This topic certainly feels thread worthy. It seems to be getting some legs (and now isn’t banned on Twitter) now that the FBI, IRS and Federal prosecutors are actively investigating Hunter’s business dealings in China. Will this investigation lead to “the big guy” as mentioned in emails with Tony Bobulinski?

Personally I’d like to hear more about the blind IT guy receiving a laptop in DE from a guy who lives in LA


Send him away for all I care. I’m guessing he was not going to be part of The Next President Biden’s team, grafting the country out of millions for his father’s company.

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A useful test for whether a scandal is adequately salacious:

Did trump do the exact same thing, but more so?

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Fwiw, I assume hunter will be a mainstay in scandal rags from 2021 until Joe dies, just because everything else will be boring.

get back to me when Joe Biden has his first super spreader event. I don’t care if his kid is a little shady. at least he’s not spreading covid.

This is our entertainment for the next 4 yuears

I agree about entertainment (and thought Kenneth Starr’s Clinton thing was worth the money for entertainment purposes alone), but I don’t look forward to another 4 years of endless “But what about Hunter…”. And I don’t think 4 years will finish it. We’re stuck with it until the next “but what about”.

and I’m OK with this. Apparently most Americans are.

media has a black eye for the pre-election cover up, but what’s done is done.

Pretty sure they pushed pretty hard to get the WSJ to run it and the WSJ refused when they were unable to prove anything so it was relegated to the loopy ones

The pivot from “this is such bullshit, the President has been unfairly investigated since he took office, there’s no way he could have done his job, he deserves another term to make up for the one he got screwed out of” to “this motherfucker is guilty as sin, we don’t need actual evidence - throw his ass out and never let him hold another office for anything, ever” will be so quick, there will be an epidemic of ER visits for all the sprained necks, twisted ankles and blown out knees.

what’s done is done.

Point is this should have never really mattered. Its up there with H emails.

I think its mostly undeniable that many media outlets are political shills. Not all; some seem to have some integrity, but the loudest outlets with the most viewers really were POS in 2020.

I’d rather they follow-up on all of the trademarks that Ivanka got from China right after daddy did some business with them, worth a ton more than Hunter’s salary.

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Would also be interesting to hear more about Kushner’s business dealings with a number of groups while also working in the White House. It seems that he’s received (hundreds of?) millions of dollars of support to prop up some of his struggling business ventures from people supportive of/countries that he was negotiating treaties with, etc.

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Would also be good to get a thorough accounting for how much money has been paid out to Trump owned businesses while he was President and payments from Trump’s campaign funds into his businesses.

Yup. Interest groups paying ten times the going rate on rental units that sit empty, staying at his and only his hotels before meeting with him on official business. Dude shit on the emoluments clause, stating in effect, “Well whatcha gonna do about it?”

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There’s a whole lot of deflection and hypocrisy going on in this thread. It’s too bad the AO is dead and buried. I would love to pull out a lot of the old posts of Trump-haters getting all worked up and upset about Trump-supporters defending attacks on Trump by saying he was better than Hillary. The moral relativism (and hypocrisy) is still very much alive and well.

If you guys want to start a thread about all the potential Trump investigations you want to see investigated, go right ahead. Start that thread. But please don’t clutter up this thread and use those allegations as excuses to not fully investigate Hunter Biden and his “business” dealings.

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The problem isn’t that he was better than hillary.
The problem is that he is worse than hillary.
If he was better than hillary we would have voted for him.

Hillary Clinton was a bad candidate with a shady past. She just happened to be running against actual human garbage.

The site is currently active, or at least it was a few hours ago.

I don’t really care if they investigate Hunter Biden or not. From the accusations I’ve seen so far, it seems like the crimes of the Trump family are vastly greater and so I’m far more interested in them than whatever it is Hunter Biden is being accused of. I’m not saying don’t investigate him, go ahead and do that, but make sure that you don’t skip over all the crap that the Trump family has been doing at the same time.

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Question: What, if anything, is the correlation between “the general public has been informed that XXX is being investigated by federal law enforcement agencies” and “XXX is being investigated for purely political reasons?”

I feel like there’s an argument to be made that serious investigators wouldn’t generally share their work publicly until it was time to make arrests.

Of course, when Congress does the investigation, it is going to be public and highly political. I’m just not sure what to read into the fact that we know about an FBI case.

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