Hunter Biden Investigation

Was it effective? To the average voter?

The average voter isn’t going to hear about it. The hardcore base, many of whom donate, will, and there may be an increase in donations from it.

Edit: Besides which, calling out hypocrisy should be done whether or not it helps one’s electoral chances because we would all be better off if Congress had less of it.


Perhaps it’s hubris but I’d consider myself more informed than the average voter.

I vaguely heard that hearing was happening, and now have read some mockery of Donald Trump.

I have no other takeaways from the hearing. I doubt the average voter does either. Many MAGA people will see talking points on Fox News, which is all they were ever going to hear. A few Democrats will see the above and chuckle.

Nothing will continue to happen.

There is an impeachment inquiry hearing going on today. I can’t find anything about it on conservative subreddits, I wonder how it is going?

I am impressed by your ability to keep track of all of these things. It’s more than I can stay on top of. Keep posting updates for the rest of us!

I think Lev Parnas, Rudy G’s old buddy, said something like, “Yeah it’s all Russian propaganda.”

Lol still? Have they come up with a hypothesis for a crime to investigate? :rofl:

I feel the impeachment clamor is starting to blow back. Might just be my biased viewpoint, but it’s starting to feel like the claims that Trump won CA. MAGA people will say “of course he did”, but the vast majority roll their eyes.

AOC asked them this exact question, I’m assuming we will get a very well-reasoned answer soon on what they plan on charging one or more of the Bidens with. If I had to guess I’d say in two weeks.


You mean the Biden Crime Syndicate Mafia?

I agree with AOC though, it would be interesting to know how long the House GOP was knowingly continuing the investigation under false pretense. (If they actually ever truly had suspicion of a crime.)


Lol I don’t think any of them actually think there is a major crime to prosecute. It’s all for show, like Benghazi.

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The stock Republican answer has seemed to always be “That’s what these hearings are for”

Hunter intends to sue Fox. dominion 2.0?

Seems relevant…

And a month later:

Back in 2015: