Happy Thoughts

my son made some chicken nuggets from scratch! brought me a small plate. they were yummy :smiley:


We got a bit of light, fluffy snow here last night…maybe about a quarter inch. I got to shovel the driveway and sidewalk. Easy peasy when it’s so light and fluffy. The only thing that would’ve made it better is if it would have been deep or wet enough to justify using the snow blower.

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I am skiing now. There’s tons of snow on the ground so conditions are good, but its always nice to get some fresh powder.

The forecast last night was “less than 1 inch” of snow. Woke up to 9 inches of glorious fluffy powder. Even better is that because it was an unexpected dump on a random Wednesday the crowds were very light. Didn’t wait more than a few seconds in a lift line all day.


Not sure a happy thought, but…

After the Lunar New Year shootings, an on site reporter was talking with Robin Roberts, giving an update. After giving her report, Robin, asks her “I know you are part of this community, how are you doing?”

The reporter was visibly moved, almost breaking down, and thanking Robin for asking.

I don’t recall that ever happening before, and that simple, kind gesture, moved me greatly


I remember something along those lines in the aftermath of 9/11. Or in cases where the reporter becomes part of the story, such as when a CNN reporter was arrested during… I think one of the Black Lives Matter protests.

But it is certainly not common.

How scratch? Did he slaughter and butcher the chicken?

raised it from an egg, waited for it to lay eggs, to batter the chicken he slaughtered and butchered, and raised the grain to make the bread he used as breadcrumbs.

Or cut the chicken into cubes, battered and cooked? My kids are in their 30s, I wouldn’t be that impressed

I was finally able to take a shower and shave and what-not in my new bathroom. It’s not 100% done but it all functions.

Might have to swap out the 40w bulbs (well, the LED equivalent, I’m just gonna keep using incandescent numbers, come at me) for 60w in the sconces. Six 40w bulbs in the recessed lights is perfect but for shaving I thought more light would be nice. They have milk glass shades that knock it down a bit. Anywho.


well, no, but significantly more work than just popping nug’s into the air fryer and sitting on his ass for the next 15 minutes.

i wish the first. maybe in a couple of years’ time. I’ve been thinking about backyard chickens for a while now.

this one is 14, and is interested in all things cooking. He doesn’t have a lot of range yet, but he’s been most excited about food and making things even since pre-school. Wednesdays was the “make something food(ish) and take it home to the family” day and he was always proud of the cookies or cinnamon rolls or celery with cream cheese or whatever they did that day.

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Not sure where to put this, in the happy thoughts, anxious thoughts, annoyed thoughts, or random thoughts, but my surgery was authorized and it will be happening a week from Monday. It’s at least a relief to have that stress resolved, at a minimum.


My sprained ankle seems to be showing some real improvement. I can continue with therapy but my dr expects complete recovery in another month. Gonna try a real walk tomorrow.


My monthly quilting clues for my fall 2022 mystery quilt are sent at the end of each month (there are 10 clues sent out, the 7th being late January), and I was hoping to get this month’s clue before next week so I could do them before my surgery, but they weren’t mailed until yesterday, from Missouri, via USPS. Lo and behold, they are in my mailbox this morning, somehow.

But a package of live cockroaches that came from a city two hours away, in the same state, took three days to get here earlier this week, also first class. It’s puzzling, but I’m happy to have the quilt blocks to work on this weekend.

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I need more information. Why are you (or a member of your household) intentionally having live cockroaches delivered to your home?

Apologies if this was discussed elsewhere and I missed it.

They’re adorable, we bejewel them and wear them on leashes attached to broaches.


We have a bearded dragon and he only wants live food. And crickets are loud, stinky, and annoyingly fast. These cockroaches are dubia roaches. They don’t make noise, they don’t really breed much if it isn’t an ideal temperature (which is tropical), and they don’t infest when they escape. We probably buy 1500 or so a year for our adult dragon.



We don’t dip them in Mayo, I thought you’d be pleased! You’re a tough critic.


That thought is … unpleasant

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I read this as W roaches, like George W Bush roaches.


Which part? The feeding them live to the dragon? It’s kind of sad, they crunch when they’re eaten and squirm a bit. My husband used to be really grossed out by them but now picks them up to feed no issue, you get used to them.

It’s really fun when you come into the room we keep them in when it’s dark and flip on the light and you hear thousands of feet scurrying to find shelter inside their container.

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