Happy Thoughts

It’s almost pi day. :heart_eyes:


:pie: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:pie: :calendar: = :socks: :birthday:


Is your aunt cooking again?

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you making me pie?

Pizza Pi FTW IMO.

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I was planning to make a shoefly pie but couldn’t find any shoeflies in the house

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I don’t know what my rescue dog’s life was before but it makes me happy that she has a good life now.


Just celebrated National Napping Day

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Yesterday was a happy day. I put out balloons, confetti, and other decorations after everybody went to bed (kids were over) and in the morning I made coffee for the birthday boy (also gave him the last biscotti). The in-laws (2 of my favorite people) & the younger Oddie sister (with 3 young boys + a foster) came over early in the day, and we spent the afternoon playing yard games (I bought ladder ball, the in-laws bought us cornhole and bocce ball in a very complimentary coincidence) plus we ate pizza, cake, & ice-cream. Looking out the back window gave me all the idyllic family feels.


I’ve been waiting for a bunch of things to happen, and this weekend one of them finally did. I’m getting my wedding ring resized and redesigned, and the computer renderings were finally completed and now I’m really excited to get the actual ring. The jeweler says 4 weeks or so.


What’s the new design?

The metal will be the platinum from my original ring…


Looks nice!

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That is pretty. Before pic?

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My own ring is about a half size too big and likes to fly off my finger every once in a while. Jewelers don’t like resizing eternity bands though.

I don’t think I have one, basically this:

My wedding band was the first time I’d worn a ring for any meaningful amount of time and I ended up getting a size that was too large. Anyway, we were on honeymoon on a rocky beach and I’m playing in the surf getting tossed around a bit when I discover I have managed to lose my wedding band. Suffice to say my new spouse was not impressed, we did an emergency trip to one of the few jewelry stores on the island to buy an overpriced, slightly small, incredibly uncomfortable ring that I wasn’t a fan of.

After a couple years of discomfort I eventually just bought a Tungsten silver-colored wedding band for a couple hundred bucks and have been very happy since.

Yup, that sounds like something I’m likely to do eventually. :laughing:

I wear a third, plain band that fits for most things that require any amount of water or strenuous activity. Lately I’ve been wearing it with the other rings too since it holds better (and matches great).

I’m gonna post mine because I think it’s the prettiest and it makes me happy.