GoA Sheep Game

I’ve actually been buying locally produced lamb exclusively for the past year, having changed my shopping habits due to the pandemic. My local whole foods often has both New Zealand and local lamb. And for a month or two they sell Icelandic lamb, which is really terrific in quality.

The other main supermarket used to mostly sell domestic lamb, and for a while had signage saying that US lamb is better to eat than NZ lamb, since ours is mostly bred for meat, and the NZ sheep are mostly bred for wool. So… Maybe it goes to my neighborhood?

Maybe. I understand that they normally trim more of the fat off of NZ lamb to cut down on shipping costs, so if you like more fat domestic is usually better.

Really, I don’t shop for lamb much. It just costs too much. I’ll often get it at restaurants, though (often Indian places). And I love a good gyro.

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After Q1…

1695814 is in the lead!!! :party:

Is this like the episode of the Office where Jim started an employee of the month contest and then won it?

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This is basically the only lamb I like. I just don’t care for the taste of it otherwise.

We do baby lamb chops on the grill at least once a month

I am assuming the wool industry and the meat industry are not necessarily the same sheep

I have a feeling Q8 is going to roast me because people in this thread somehow have knowledge of sheep breeds

I have an extensive knowledge of various names of sheep breeds that I learned by doing my own research on wikipedia. My favorite sheep breed is from Turkey.

Where is your favorite turkey breed from?

Let’s just say that you’re not very modal.


Sheep Town, VA

Sneak Peak / Teaser about the bonus round:

Two sheep jump one spot.
One sheep jumps two spots!

Jump, Sheep, jump!
Jump like Spot!

…but will it be enough to win the inaugural GoA Sheep Game!!!




Mmmm, lamb. I have a rack of lamb defrosting now.

Rack of lamb turns out to be a really quick, easy protein to prepare.