Flex your high school glory

I have stayed close with my core HS friend group.
6+ of us have been having weekly Zoom happy hour for over a year now.

I think we have only skipped two weeks due to scheduling conflicts.

25 year reunion would be this year.

I make it sound like high school wasn’t miserable for me, but that’s not entirely true. There was at least some bullying coming down from the larger group, and I have a tendency to collect people who hate me, despite me not knowing who they are.

I was also hot in high school (yet this was hilariously not the case in elementary school). Combine that with being the smartest person there and you’ve got jealousy issues all around.

Oh, high school was miserable at all points except when actually performing or in games.

I was bullied because of my family being poor and for my religion.
I honestly would spend days without talking to anyone prior to practice, because I wanted to see if anyone would initiate contact with me. They never did.

Definitely a lot of loneliness and teenage angst/sadness

I have no idea if I was in a popular group but I’m assuming no. I can’t think of who the popular kids were. I’m probably an anomaly here but bottom 10% of my class. Didn’t play sports because, you know, bad grades. My friends were mostly wrestlers. On the math team. In theatre. Computer club. Hung out with almost everybody at some point and could eat at almost any lunch table. Nearly got suspended for a food fight and I left a pudding stain on the wall that remained until I graduated. Played a lot of cards. Ran a small usury ring.

Part of being hot is thinking your hot. I dare say thinking your hot while.not being hot can take you further than being hot but not thinking it.

Clearly you’ve never watched a chick flick. The key to being hot is taking off your glasses and shaking your hair loose while walking down a flight of stairs.


That, or eating a banana also works.

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Funny story, when I had Facebook some of my high school classmates created a group to try and set up a 10 year reunion. I would say my graduating class was big. I don’t know the exact size, but definitely 300-400. So many people in this group were all ‘hell yeah, that’s a great idea,’ ‘open a GoFundMe and I can donate to the venue’, etc.

I don’t think they got to $100 in the GoFundMe, the venue they wanted ended up closing down so the two lone organizers decided let’s do a cookout at the park for families and then at night since some of our classmates still live and work here, we’ll reserve a banquet room for anyone that wants to attend to hangout in. Only 4 people went to the park (no families), and probably 20 went to the restaurant (the same 4 that were at the park attended). One of the organizers didn’t attend either! I’m curious if they’re going to try anything this year as it’s the 15 year reunion. May have to join Facebook again just to sleuth.

Just scratching the surface. What should we do next? Elementary school, college, actuarial exams, MBA, overall career, family? Ok, I’ll be quiet now.

This one’s for you, John S, Mill: I had a 28 inch waist in high school. Not quite washboard abs, but I think you woulda checked me out!


I had one a couple of years ago that I blew off, I just don’t remember people and no one from my crowd seemed to be going, but afterward I started connecting wioth a lot of them on facebook, might consider the next

I think I was in the popular/cool kid group.

All region (district?) HS tight end
Dated 2 separate homecoming queens
Worked at the local water park for a few summers (which was one of the top summer jobs to get in our town)

Have never been to a HS reunion. I keep in touch with the few HS people that I care to. Still get together with a few of them once a year.

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Post it on here!

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Took first place in the small-school division of a Chalk Talk (Matheletes-style mathematics presentation).

Beat arguably the most popular kid at Dance Dance Revolution in front of the entire school body at a rally with grades competing against each other in various ways.

Was very much not popular, although of the friends I made I’m still frequently in contact with several.



I was definitely not popular in the beginning of high school, but I grew almost a foot at the beginning of 10th grade and went from short and fat to good looking, so people started being nice to me.

I also started drinking and smoking weed frequently towards the end of high school, skipped school a bunch and had a girlfriend - so I think I was fairly “cool” by some high school metrics. I don’t think that’s popular in a traditional sense, but it was a nice time.

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and entirely out myself? maybe if i left the actuarial field entirely, but nah.

I was flipping through old photos to goof with friends.
I wonder if I can find any good ones where I can crop out my face

That’s ok. I’ll go through my ao_fan vault and post a pic. I’m sure I have a good one somewhere.

You can do it!