Flex your high school glory

Don’t hate. Appreciate. Reciprocate.

I was a big choir nerd in high school. I was popular among my fellow mezzo-sopranos.

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I was not popular in HS. But I had a good group of friends and many of us are still close today. We keep up via FB mainly. But also often get together.

Class reunions suck. I used to like them but I have not enjoyed the last few. So now I just host mini-reunions at my house for our circle. Much more fun!

I made one of my BFFs so angry when I did this in AP Calculus.

I wasn’t that great in Pre-Calc, which was a lot of trig, which was a lot of rote memorization, which I’m not good at.

She kicks ass in rote memorization and aced Pre-Calculus. (She’s a physician now, and medical school involves a lot of memorization.)

But Calculus was all about understanding / processing. And I understood it just fine just based on paying attention in class, maybe asking an occasional question.

She was trying to brute-force memorize her way through Calculus without actually processing and understanding it. And while that’s possible… it’s really REALLY tough.

AP Calculus was one of the easier classes of my entire 4 years of high school. It just made so much sense.

I didn’t think I was popular in High School and thought no one liked me, but I have since been informed that I was popular and considered one of the cool kids. Which was shocking to me.

11 varsity letters
3 x All Conference football
State alternate in wrestling (separated shoulder at regionals)
School record for pins & fastest pin (8 seconds)
Held all weightlifting records (Bench, Squat, Clean, Snatch)
Knowledge Bowl captain
Active in Drama Club & regional theater (10+ productions in HS
Taught AP Calculas
Worked at McDonald’s and gave everyone free food :rofl:



I wouldn’t say I was popular, but I was a lot better liked in high school. I feel like socially, that’s where I peaked. I was the smartest kid in any class, and now I’m just average in any meeting with my peers.

I was definitely hot in high school. I wish I had appreciated that at the time.

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No point in a class reunion when I can just use facebook to stalk out what most people are up to.



Those days are long gone.
Wish I had any confidence when they were happening.

Oh what could have been if I had kept any of that going…

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I have no plans to attend any future high school reunions. I keep in touch with the people I want to; it’s easy enough to do that now.

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I hear you.
Not sure if i was ever hot, but I definitely was in exceptional physical condition and didn’t appreciate it.
Thought I was fat because I only had a “four-pack”

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this popular chick kelly is now morbidly obese and lives vicariously through her kids who all seem mega popular.

kelly was sporty and she had big boobs in high school, thus popular.

Oh, a flex for this crowd. I got accepted to uwaterloo with a 79% hs average.

Jennifer who was class president and super popular and as such cheated her way to become salutatorian, now is founder and CEO of some sort of company where she gives conferences on how to be as awesome as she is.

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Make this about you,not your classmates.

I wasn’t hot in high school, but a few years ago, I posted my high school senior picture on fb. Lets just say, it got more likes than any picture I ever posted and several people “complimenting” me telling me how hot I was. well, uh thanks almost 30 years later?


My HS was pretty small, there was one giant group that was presumably the “cool” kids, and that group still exists today (they are all starting to buy houses in the same neighborhood together, and it’s kind of cringeworthy, imo).

Was I part of the group? No. I dated the lead doofus for 2 non-consecutive months in junior year and that pretty much solidified my place outside of the hoard. Also, (childhood trauma alert) the leading lady doofus was the same girl from my elementary school that was MY best friend in the first few years, who then subsequently ditched me without notice for the “cool” girl group and I’ve never spoken to her again.

All of that said, I’ve maintained my own mid-sized group of childhood friends since elementary school (we lived down the street from one another), stayed friends throughout high school, and still mostly talk to each other today. I probably wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

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