Flex your high school glory

I know we’re all nerds and geeks here, and we certainly don’t lack any stories of “I used to be a loser but look at me now!”.

But was anyone here actually like, popular in high school? Like not just that you had friends, but your group of friends was what everybody wanted to get involved with.

Of course.

But I went to nerd school. [j/k. I wasn’t generally popular, even in nerd school.]

My team won Knowledge Master for the whole country in 1991.

It was all downhill from there.

I cannot contribute to this thread.
Sports were a major social stratification factor, and I did not participate.

I married the homecoming queen, does that count?

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this sounds a bit like “I used to be a loser but look at me now”

though for her it’s probably, “I used to be the homecoming queen, but I married a loser”


I dated her while in HS.

Oh, last I heard, I still hold the deadlift record in my weight class at my old HS!

And, if we’re really bragging, I was voted ‘most likely to cure cancer’ senior year. So.

well at least you can flex.

I was not popular in high school. I know you’re all shocked.

We went to state in ‘scholars bowl’ in Kansas… junior year maybe, but didn’t win.

I was voted “Most likely to win an Olympic medal”.

I have not yet won said medal, though maybe I can register as a COVID replacement for the olympics in a few months. Looking at the 2016 olympic results, I would not get last place at least.

Ok, I really have a gold medal.

From this:

…um, I wish I knew where I put it. It’s real gold. (well, gold plate)

I was Salutatorian, so I got to talk at graduation. And one of my best friends was super popular - so popular by association?

He was popular enough that when our group of friends walked around school we would randomly stop kids we didn’t know and ask if they knew who he was. Rarely did we find someone who didn’t know him. He did every sport and was super outgoing/friendly. Great guy, and I still consider him a friend, even though we don’t get together as often as I’d like.

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I earned 10 athletic letters in HS, was 1st team all-state in Football, ran for student body president and lost but was voted senior class president, had a major non-leading role in the school musical and was outstanding student in math and science junior and senior years. I believe I was well liked and while not among the most popular in HS was well known and liked. I was able to fit in with most of the various groups, though wasn’t really a leader in any of them. At HS graduation, I was able to name all 150 senior as they came up to receive their diplomas without a list, simply by sight.


I accidentally said “why are you so dumb?” louder than necessary (I thought I was muttering it under my breath) during calculus about the most popular girl in school, so… yeah, no.


I was not popular in high school, but my I paid for a chunk of college with scholarship money won with our academic buzzer team (local TV station ran a tournament, and broadcast the matches; sponsors ponied up prize money…)

Have you considered curling?

Just need to get the olympics to recognize this

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I took a learn to curl class the night before an actuarial exam once. It was a blast.

I’ve been curling and did not expect to have nearly as much fun as I had. It’s completely exhausting, but crazy fun.

I was not popular in high school, so I don’t think I can make any other contributions to this thread.