Flex your high school glory

I was a track and field state champion in high school. I would get so many facebook and myspace friend requests from girls after every single meet.

In college I could barely scored at the conference level and never qualified for nationals. The only girls who requested me on facebook were the ones on my own team =(


i feel old

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I got an award for piano and chemistry at senior awards night!!!

nobody cared. still wasn’t popular. but i gotta brag about something dammit.


I was just thinking that.

Facebook friend requests… in high school!!!

My Dad had a modem when I was in high school but I don’t think he was on the World Wide Web… I think he was just connecting to a colleague’s computer.

It was hard for me to explain to my friends why the phone line was tied up.

Not popular in HS, but that’s fine because most of the folks I went to high school with I’d no interest in being popular with. We did have a very tightly knit group of about 8-10 of us that moved as a unit though. I’m still friends with some of that unit decades later. Many of the others in that group still remain in contact (I’ve been invited, but am not interested).
The only thing we had of note was a kick-ass HS band. For a small, rural (350 students) HS, we repeatedly took home the provincial championships in numerous categories. We had a HS anniversary a few years ago that I had to attend and got to give our music teacher a big hug. Dude was a very important part of HS life for many of us.

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Nope, math nerd, math and science nerd friends.

Mathlete, not athlete

closest I can come to an athletic achievement was I could Leg Press the max 800 lbs on the old Universal Gym machine (anyone else remember them? do they still exist?)

I got a B+ on a French test once.


I felt a girl’s naked boob once.


We were both drunk.

I graduated in the top 68% of my class.


I was good friends and had romantic tension with a girl who was Miss Kentucky when she was 20. We kissed a couple of times at parties and stuff. I did hang out with the cool crowd in my school. We had a lot of fun.

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I shotgunned two beers in a row once.


My mother hung me on a hook once. Once!

Oh, I made a walnut mantle clock in HS shop class, which I still have, and it still works. I didn’t make the actual clock work bits, just the wood work. I also made a sort of mid century table, also walnut, that I still have. But I got rid of the entertainment center, which was made for about a 32" TV max, when flat screens came out.

I skipped school once to attend a beach concert.


ya’ll aren’t flexing much

Large public high school near major city. All conference football and volleyball player. Dated rival high school homecoming queen. Hung out with many groups. Main group was the “popular” group. I was least popular with the nerds (but got along very well with some of them) … Might have to do with the fact that I never brought home my backpack (never did any school work at home) and I would walk into class and see kids with their heads buried in their books and remark, “is there a test today?” and then ace it.

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now this is proper flexing

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Starting to hate some people in this thread

that is very charged

I should watch my high school video yearbook again to add to the hate. Just need to get me a VCR to do it.