Favorite YouTube videos

enjoyed this one today (15 minutes):

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Not youtube, but this biker’s video on twitter might require a new pair of drawers for most of us.

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Minute of Mae. This is a series of one minute videos describing the small arms from around and used in WW1. If you have any interest in old guns these videos are great. Mae’s delivery is quick, to the point, and entertaining.

Eleanor Morton! She’s a Scots comic with some videos containing exactly as much NSFW language as you would expect from a Scots comic, while others have quite a bit less. I think she’s fantastic.

This one is pretty clean until the end
Revolutionary’s first day working the guillotine

And I love Medieval peasant goes to therapy (an objectively bad week)

There’s a whole series of Craig, the tour guide who doesn’t give a f*ck.




Why You Never Mess With A Guard Of The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier - YouTube

The opening monologue and song always put a smile on my face. The presenter and his footmen are the stars of the British show Taskmaster so the roles of the two guys carry on from that show. The portion I’m interested in carries on until 16:15.


thanks, algorithm! Now I know why it takes so long to get anything out of our engineers.

The ‘this is fine’ background is great.

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Ryan Reynolds and Stev-O - add for the advertising platform.

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There are a number of Allison Young & Joshua Lee Turner collaborations.

This one is probably my favorite so far:

This thread needs more production values!

Also this thread obviously needs some Hikaru, although I can’t find a good video of him doing his thing, whatever his thing is. This one makes me chuckle anyway.


Also this, which is an accurate description of my work-life situation. (warning, has an f-bomb).


Also crossposting from the bike thread, because I found it soothing enough to rewatch.

get off the fucking sidewalk bitch! :angry:

I hate cyclists in NYC. HATE THEM


that was awesome.

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