Favorite YouTube videos

For my own entertainment…and yours, too:

Here’s one of my favorite guitar songs. This guy is awesome: https://youtu.be/BfF4QLO-L_4

Relevant with a shifting relevance…

I stumbled across this one…it’s strangely mesmerizing…there’s a whole bunch of them…so far, I think this is my favorite:

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Somehow, the youtube algorithm has suggested to me “The Onion” videos from a dozen years ago.

It was either this one or this one that started it all. I think it was the latter but can’t remember.

Those old onion videos are great.

The Broscience videos.

NSFW (language)

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This Richard Smith is something else. I’m really enjoying his playing. Here’s another video (this one’s an hour forty-eight long):

Here is a video of Harold Pinter talking for three quarters of an hour. It is dense. I cannot think of a better way to explain, writing, humanity, and America than this video. This is a prerecorded Nobel Lecture from December 7, 2005. 15 years ago he gets at the heart of who America is with an explanation of the rise of lies beneath we call Trumpism. (maybe a better term would be Americanism?) This is the smashed mirror he refers to with his conclusion a great call to how to approach the world.

More Richard Smith… Vincent (Starry Starry Night)

I’m not sure if it is really a “favorite”, and something feels off about the calculation he does at the end (he’s probably right, it just isn’t quite clicking for me), but I do enjoy Matt Parker, and I have to respect the dedication he must have put into making this. Not only did he likely have to do several segments dozens, even hundreds, of times - but he had to make each one look like it was the first.

He almost didn’t make that one jump!!!

And he totally wipes out at the end!

Kids: they call it like they see it!!! :laughing:

Beethoven Symphony No. 9 in D Minor 4th Movement, “Ode To Joy” - Complete w/ Words and Translation

I’ve probably listened to Beethoven’s Opus 125 hundreds of times…especially the 4th movement, but this is the first time I’ve ever done so with translated words.

The music makes even more sense now.

pretty sure this was posted before, either in discord or on the old ao or both. was going through my old liked videos. this guy deserves another mention.

Actuary nerd tries to rap and dance to Savage - YouTube

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Not “favorite” but I stumbled across this one & found it interesting/amusing that there was a time when “no one” knew/recognized who colonel sanders was:

This is my most recent favorite song:

It popped up on my pandora jazz station. I had never heard it before.

When the kid raised his hands in celebration, that put a smile on my face.

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This is, without doubt, one of my most favorite renditions of the SSB: