Facebook observations

people talk. people cheat.

But you seem to be intimating that cheating is rampant, and that a great majority of people in relationships cheat.

I just don’t think it’s so.

How many relationships have you been in and cheated? Or are you the grand exception the the rule?

yes, I think that cheating is rampant in relationships. I think once a person is unhappy in a relationship they cheat rather than making a clean break because people are weak and selfish.

this isn’t about me. i am a grand exception on many rules.

I’m noticing that the group “Growing up in (insert my old hoods name) 1980’s” that I got kicked out of long ago for my awesomeness has no new posts today. they have so few posts anymore. people were all excited about it when it started, but really it sucked, and showed me how everyone thought waaaaaaaay too highly of our youth in that backwards racist place. now the group appears to be dead. RIH neighborhood group of olds.

I keep getting airline and hotel ads. :cry:

I’m not sure if I even notice the ads.

I got an ad for an upcoming session on whether I should join the actuarial profession!!! :nerd_face:



I hear the exams are tough!!! :grimacing: :dizzy_face: :confounded:


How hard can they be?


There’s a French bistro in town that put up a video of prepping lamb shanks and duck confit. :drooling_face:

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Yeah, those Casual Actuarial exams don’t sound that hard!!!

tfw you tell someone they are an idiot with both your main account and your alt on fb, they block both (but not before replying to you, which you cannot see), and you don’t have a 3rd account :frowning:

You have an alt on Facebook, too?


I have an alt on Facebook. It’s name is the real-name equivalent of “Lucy’s Alt”. It has one friend (me) and I created it to test Facebook’s security/data sharing rules.

Facebook routinely sends me notes suggesting that “Lucy’s” should friend this person who is one of Lucy’s friends.

Since they have a no-alt policy, I think it’s really funny that it’s lasted for years.

It never dawned on me to create a Facebook alt.

I understand it here. To some degree. It allows people to troll a little bit, or otherwise share some risque info about themselves. Or to shield one’s professional self from some unprofessional chatting.

But on FB, why would I have an alternate account? I use it to keep in touch with friends and to share some photos. Not sure why I would want to hide my identity there.

same reason. there are a lot of public pages where I might want to say something and not have my entire friends list see what I’m saying. Although, I tend to use my main for that too when I don’t feel like switching over, so I’m sure they have already seen it.

I guess I underutilize FB.

I’m a member of one group, my son’s school.

I posted on my town’s page once b/c I had a question. Once. But a simple inquiry devolved into a finger-pointing political discussion. Ain’t no one got time for that.

Now when I have a question, I ask on my own page so that only my friends see it. They usually just answer and move on.

To me, Facebook is a (semi) public forum and there is no place for anonymity.

that’s pretty typical for facebook and the internet in general. this here is a prime example why someone might use an alt.