Facebook observations

You said most people are selfish therefore most people cheat.

That’s a stretch…

Who hurt you?

nobody. i know how people operate.

Maybe if she’s extending it past spouses and into any paired off couples.

out here in back country, anyone not married by 30 is an old maid.

my BIL is 32 with a job, no kids, and no debt. still, slim pickins.

I’m getting pop up ads for Exam P tutoring. :slight_smile: :+1:

I’m not really on facebook. My account is bare, 0 friends, etc. I use it a couple times a year to browse facebook marketplace.

I keep getting ‘people you might now’ displays, and some of them are borderline soft-porn. Pretty sure that they’re bots or something.

Facebook regularly gives me ads for things that I or someone in my vicinity was just talking about immediately prior.

I want to be creeped out by it, but I’ve bought far too much stuff in response to complain now.

Here’s what I get with no real facebook profile:


No, I don’t know any of them. Not even remotely.
Like, they know my IP. Couldn’t they at least get the continent correct?

Marine looks nice.


I meant people in relationships in general cheat, but I also don’t think vows change this all that much, if at all.

I was doing planks the other day, and I got an ad for some exercise video and the thumbnail had a picture of someone doing planks. I think facebook is filming me in my own apartment.

what an optimistic worldview

I think it’s more like 3/5.

Not currently cheating, but have cheated in their current relationship.

if we’re talking about cheating in their life time, then maybe 9/10

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I didn’t realize Facebook had such robust cheating statistics - were these numbers compiled from the memes or is there some group I need to join?


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So a few people from my (tiny) high school grade decided to set up a reunion through facebook. They decided to go with a single large group zoom call of anyone who agreed to show up from my grade of about 45, plus some faculty. I didn’t join because a group zoom call seems a silly format for a variety of reasons, but I learned from one of the few people from HS who I still talk to that another person from HS ended up getting drunk before the call, smoked a joint during it and talked the whole time. Now I’m sad I missed it.

I just got invited to the same thing. Zoom call tonite for the high school band. Not my bag, I won’t be attending. Nothing against any of them, we were all friends in HS, but I left that life behind decades ago.

My BFF will be attending so I could ask him how everyone’s doing. Except his wife won’t let him talk to me anymore so I guess that’s out.

I did get forced into a HS reunion some years ago. I wouldn’t have gone, but my BFF was getting an award and I was asked to present. And the event showed why I was not inclined to go. I got scolded for sitting in a chair near the front because ‘that row is for the award winners and the presenters’. Then a girl I’d dated for a short while found me and spent a lot of time forcing her husband on my like he was a trophy. Uh, that’s nice? Then a roving band of hags jumped me in the halls with demand of ‘do you know who we are? Do you remember us?’. Actually, no I have exactly 0 idea who any of you are (they told me their names and I only vaguely remembered them). Like wtf is all this? And if I don’t remember you, why in hell do you all seem to remember me? All I wanted to do was run into my math and music teachers and give them a hug, do the presentation, and go back home.

the only reunion I went to, which also happened to be organized through facebook was an elementary school one. we got drunk on staten island, was fun. was right before trump was the main candidate for president in 2015. afterwards, most of those people who i had friended on facebook due to the reuinion either annoyed me with their stupid memes, or their stupid selling of mlm or their insane racism and support of trump, that either most of them unfriended me or i unfriended them due to the fb wars that ensued. people are a LOT less annoying to be around when we are all drunk and having a good time. once it became all social media, i hated most of them.

no way i’d go to any reunion beyond elementary school cause fuck all those people.




See this is the problem with reunions. The people who want to go are generally those who want to demonstrate success so they can feel better about themselves relative to how they remember themselves in HS, but knowing that makes it just seem so silly. And when it’s a group zoom call then it’s just the extreme of that, you can’t even have a separate catch up chat with someone… so basically the “cool” girls of the time will go on about their pyramid scheme, what a blast. But then, I didn’t even think of the fact that you could have the opposite. The guy who was most likely to fail could show up drunk, smoking a joint and I missed it!

now i’m picturing having a high school reunion zoom call where i get drunk, and take over laughing about the dude who i hated in high school who died skydiving when he was 30. BRING IT!

From where do you get this gem?

In one way it’s true. If you aren’t in a relationship, you cannot cheat. So all cheaters are in a relationship.