Facebook observations

Feel free to post random things you’ve observed on Facebook. (Preferably not political.)

I have reached an age where I can’t tell if my Facebook friends’ baby pictures are their children or their grandchildren… could be either, and I know of multiple overlaps.

(Where A is younger than B but manages to have biological grandchildren before B has biological children.)

sigh i might need to make a new thread then.

i am also getting to that age. i think we’re around the same age. I might be a year older. It is horrifying to me. Most people my age aren’t grandparents yet, but there are definitely a few.

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I’m not on Facebook, but I look up my family members from time to time. A sad observation is that my parents post nothing about their kids or grandkids on there, not in the last few years. It’s become a sad little echo chamber for them.

Half my friends list seems to like posting stuff like:

A pic with some sort of stupid phrase like “Hell hath no fury like a woman without her coffee”

And the caption is What Does Your SASSY OFFICE MUG Say?


I must be part of the other half that only posts pictures of cats and significant life events such as cutting my hair.

Yes. You are basically sunshine mixed with a little hurricane, Tiffany.




Caught ya

I saw a post that looked like a wedding. It is actually my BIL’s Ex GF from a few years back and I thought that might be tough for him.

Then I noticed its not their wedding. its their 2 year anniversary. Wait, wtf, they got married in feb 2019… that was like 6 months after she dumped my BIL. Did they start planning that wedding they day she dumped him?

rest of my feed is ‘its cold’.

most people are selfish, which means most people are cheaters. what’s new?

most of my newsfeed isn’t my friends at all. it’s from public pages i follow or ads for stuff or something about brangelina

Yeah, a lot of them I know. Like the friend that I see once a year who’s shared a lot about her trials adopting… I know that’s her baby.

But the guy who wasn’t in the Honors classes but was my assigned square dance partner in 10th grade gym class and haven’t seen since the last reunion? No clue if that’s his baby or grand baby. :woman_shrugging:

i’m getting a LOT of ads for vegan food delivery services

Udemy is offering me belly dancing lessons @51% off the regular price.

actually, nobody on my friends list who is my age is a grandparent, but i’ve seen it from friends of friends.

people are VERY emotionally invested in Brangelina.

That’s a stretch.

no, i really don’t think it is. most people are only as loyal as their options. if they tire of their current SO, but are too fearful to leave with a clean slate like a decent human being, they cheat their way to the next relationship.

easy, aof.

while this seems to be the case for my BIL, not everyone is cheating on their spouse.

Maybe like 1 in 5 are…

I got the details from some other gossip friends. Apparently she dumped him because 1: he wanted to have kids and she already had a kid and had no interest in a 2nd and 2: he did not go to church and her family refused to accept him due to his lack of religion. The guy she hooked up goes to her church and does not want kids. Also I suspect she wanted a guy with more money.

I had a whole thread about this couple back in the AO days.