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Facebook spam posts are for suckers. :wink:

Kiddo, my children who have just got their tippy-toes wet in the adult ages bitch about the youngsters.

I give them a look that is absolutely glacial when they do this. They have yet to catch on. (and Stu isn’t even awake when they pull this stunt)

Frasier: I just have to face it… I am middle aged.

Martin: Well how do you think I feel? My son is middle aged!!!


Kids these days don’t know what it was like to have a corded phone! Or a computer with no internet… or having to hold the circular dial on the VHS to rewind the movie. And being annoyed when you rent a movie and it’s not rewound. I remember being so excited that DVDs didn’t need rewinding.


The flip side of that was losing your place though.

With VHS (or Beta) if you watched half a movie and left I could pull your tape out of the VCR in order to watch something else, and you could come back to it a day or two later and it would still be right where you left it.

The early DVD players did not do this. The newer ones can remember the stoppage point for a finite number of DVDs for a finite length of time.


Oh! And my super fancy walkman that didn’t skip too bad unless I was running in gym class.


That’s why I got one of these bad boys!!!

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I bought one of these:


Those were risky… more likely to pull too hard and break the tape although the later ones worked better as they’d slow down as it got close to the end.

Those things would take forever to rewind!!!

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Same. It still works as well today as it did the day I got it!


Now I’m getting an Academy popup about Professionalism Considerations for Working in Developing Areas of Actuarial Practice. :expressionless:

AI at Meta is not so bright

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That’s hot!

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That’s pretty funny.

Just got an Academy popup for a member spotlight on Evan Palumbo.

I’m guessing he’s the guy on the far left:

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