Facebook observations

Just got a sponsored ad from the Academy on the draft paper on selection and application of actuarial models!!!

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Seriously, this is a pics or it didn’t happen

I absolutely want to see this

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I’ll grab a screen shot the next time I see it!!! :+1:

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Now there’s a New Year’s promo for $250 off a whole body MRI.

Only in America

Ahem, :canada:.

I could still drive to 'Murica if I had to :us:, dammit Dan, and so on and so forth.

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But the ads you’re seeing are for American medical providers, no?

Nope, :canada:. :maple_leaf: :xray:

You guys are such posers! Bankrupting people on medical care is our thing

I’ll go clicky clicky on the link the next time I see it on my FB. :+1:

The SOA ad just popped up again!!! :rofl:

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Like this?

( . Y . )

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Angry look with a creased forehead??? :man_shrugging:

a post in the sad thoughts thread made me look through my facebook messages from people i don’t know that go into another bucket

bitch - “Oh, you wanna report me? Lol. Are you always such an insufferable little tw*t? :joy: :joy: Morticia.”

bitch2 - “long rambling message…” ends with “How fucking dare you say i voted for Trump because I am against cheating and celebrities buying babies.” We were apparently arguing about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

bitch3 - “Are you on the spectrum?” Not sure what we were fighting about, but I guess that’s how she tries to take a jab at me.

bitch4 - “You would have to be one of the biggest ignoramus I have ever come across on the internet.” :thinking:

creep - “Hello how are you doing I love be your friend”

creep2 - telling me to smile

creep3 - telling me to smile

I thought Ontario was discussing learning a few lessons from the US…

$2,950, including a full report and a consultation with the radiologist.

Is that in USD or monopoly money? /s

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Might be cheaper just to drive across the border. :roll_eyes:

ETA: Nope. :money_with_wings: