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Yep. I would likely have preferred the shorter wheelbase version.

I don’t need or want 3 rows of seating, but the longer wheelbase might give more options for camper layouts. It’s going to be a multi-year wait for me, but that’s fine as I like my current vehicle and it has lots of life left in it.

Came across this nyt article (sorry don’t know how to get around paywall) from a week ago, covering the Dutch ebike manufacturer VanMoof -

I looked up VanMoof’s website and they have this theft reduction program which costs $398 for 3 years, where they will recover your stolen bike (using the GPS) and if not, replace it with a new one.

Here is a version with no paywall.


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Those VanMoof bikes are seriously slick. Automatic transmission, 37 mile range if you aren’t pedaling, built in lights. And I appreciate the understated styling. Damn, if I ever decide to drop $2,500 on an e bike these are contenders.

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There are a bunch of “Black Friday” ebike deals out there already from many manufacturers, including one on one of my contenders I mentioned above: the Lectric XPremium is $1599 now, regular price $1999. Plus it comes with a free bundle including cushier seat, seat suspension post, panier bag, phone holder, lock. Free shipping, fully assembled.

I pulled the trigger. Ordered the Lectric XPremium at the $1599 black Friday price with the extra goodies. I don’t believe I can find a better deal on a mid-drive bike that checks my other boxes. It’s a bit heavier than what I was looking for, but has crazy range to go with that higher weight.


Did you get the bike yet??? :popcorn:

Damn, i am now debating this, as it is still available.
I really want something ready for when the world thaws.
But 75 lbs is heavy

The bike came late Saturday afternoon. Unboxed it. But with tailgating/football Sunday and World Cup with friends today I didn’t take it for a spin yet. Should be able to ride tomorrow or Wednesday.


Looking at it, my concern is always my biggest concern with mail orde bikes. What will the handle bar position feel like?

Handlebar position is for an upright riding style. Height is easily adjustable, but handle bar angle is not.

But that may just be my inexperience/fear of buying items like this without test driving first

I wish i knew better as to what style i want.

This was the last bike i had.
Stolen in February 2020

It was a Specialized bike. Lol

This bike is incredibly powerful. Even power assist setting 3, the middle setting, gives tons of pedal assist. I probably will only use higher assist settings when tackling big hills. Hit the throttle and you can rocket up to speed quickly if you need to.

On my way home from a usual route I have to tackle a medium grade hill. After a longer ride on my regular mountain bike when I’m tired I sometimes have to go all the way down to 1st or 2nd gear to make it up. Today as a test I put it on pedal assist 5 in 4th gear and I powered up that hill at 14mph.

It is a noticeably heavy bike, almost more like riding a scooter. The hydraulic brakes help it stop at distances like a regular bike, but I’d take extra care in slippery conditions. The wheels are fat enough that you can’t get a standard Ulock around them.

The bike ships as class 2 (capped at 20mph), but you can easily switch it to class 3 (28mph cap). I’m going to leave it class 2 for a while I adjust to the feel of the bike and heavier weight.

Curious to see your impressions of the range compared to what is advertised. Although even if it falls a bit short you’re still looking at a very long range.

75lb is pretty heavy and I’m sure that will take some adjusting. My bike was close to that once when I was riding across Missouri and it felt kind of awkward, but I did adapt to it pretty quickly.