Electric Bikes

I’ve been considering buying an electric bike. An electric bike might replace some car trips for me now, but probably even more once my wife retires as I imagine we will eventually become a 1 car family.

Who has an electric bike here? How do you like it? Any shopping feedback?

Range is important to me. I believe I would prefer a mid drive model that is both torque and cadence sensing, but it would also be nice to have a throttle option for those really hot summer days when you don’t want to be a sweaty mess when reaching your destination.

I am also interested, but none of those high-end ones that cost more than the value of my car. It would also need baskets of some sort, as most of my current trips involve groceries.

My eyes are currently (I keep saying “current” in the electric bike thread!) on the front-wheel replacement motors. Hilltopper and Swytch. My current concerns are:
a) my current bike’s fork is the old-school width (90mm instead of 100mm), as it is nearly 30 years old.
b) how quickly I can convert it back to a regular bike, for actual exercise. Just take off the electric wheel, undo the battery pack, put on old wheel?
I’d need a second front wheel: one with the motor hub, and one (I’ll keep my current one) without.

Interested as well!!! Since I moved and there’s no reliable parking around my gym in the city.

If you want to use your current bike, another option is to get a push trailer. They are reportedly very easy to attach and unattach to a standard bike, and are generally cheaper than buying an ebike. Unfortunately the main vendor I am aware of that sells them has been having supply chain issues so they have sold all models for “the season”.

I don’t have anything useful to add, yet here I am posting anyways…sorry.

Used to use Jump bikes: you could rent them for 30 minutes for two bucks in SF. It was a lot of fun, and actually faster than public transportation.

Have several friends that use ebikes for commuting and shopping. All positive reviews. I imagine small grocery trips would work fine with a backpack or baskets. Not buying bulk stuff at Costco on a bike though.

I saw this at Costco the other day.

There was a different ebike for $1500 at Costco that I considered impulse buying but it’s gone now.

My neighbors replaced their car with an ebike. It even has a giant basket thing in the front that holds their two young kids. It cost at least $3k. I looked into it when we got rid of our second car, but decided a scooter was all around better, except maybe the fact that I can’t take it on the bike path.

When I was a young actudonk, I moved to a little hippy dippy town and got a craigslist mountain bike and sold my car.

I don’t have much to add to the thread besides that I miss those days.

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Subscribed. I’ve been considering one, but I already have a decent bicycle, and a scooter, and a car, so I’m not sure I need something slotted in between the bike and the scooter.

But like everyone else here, I won’t let me not contributing anything hold up me posting here.


Don’t at me.

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Just buy a moped

While you can buy an ebike for under $1000, I don’t think the ones in that price range will meet my needs.

I think the more basic models I’d consider are in the $1500-2000 price range. However, I am tempted by some of the pricier ones too. Range is expensive due to additional battery cost. The question is how much additional range do I want to I pay for.

…Arthurltas, 2 hours later…


Another thing I didn’t mention earlier is that I want a bike with gears since my area is hilly. Gears would help functionality a lot, and without them I think it would be impossible to ride a heavy bike home without gears if it ever ran out of juice. Single gear bikes with a big motor can be attractive due to low maintenance and fewer moving parts, but I think aren’t the best for my area.

Some specific examples of current electric bikes that I like, with more information than you probably want to know unless you are also looking at ebikes:


Aventon Level - $1799
Good commuter style, complete with fenders and rack. Good power. Suspension fork included. Mid level range. Pedal assist and throttle. 8 speed. 3 frame sizes. Cons: hub motor, no lights. Adding my own light would be cheap, but the convenience of a wired light is nice and included on many competitors.
Best Commuter ebike - Aventon’s New Level Commuter Electric Bike

Rad City 5 - $1999
Simple commuter style, complete with fenders, rack and wired lights. Pedal assist and throttle. 7 speed. Cons: hub motor. Not as sleek as some competitors. Could go for more range.
Electric City Bike | Electric Commuter Bike | Stylish Step-Thru Ebike | RadCity 5 Plus

Edison $2399
My local company. Sleek design. Lighter weight than most. Medium range. Quality components. Integrated lights. Can test drive and service locally. Pedal assist and throttle. Shimano gears, but not clear how many speeds. Cons: hub motor. Rack and fenders would be extra. A bit pricier than the 2 above with similar specs.
Edison Bicycles

Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra Duo 3 - $3700
Monster Mid Drive motor with lots of power. Complete with fenders, rack, wired lights. Front suspension. 11 speed. Throttle. Both cadence and torque sensors. Better than average range as is, but can add extra pricey battery for ridiculous range. Would be a good bike for heavy riders to consider. Can do some nice customizations for additional cost. Free shipping. Cons: Pricey. Very heavy bike.
Biktrix Juggernaut Ultra Duo 3 Electric Bike

Electric Bike Company - Various models in the $1700-5k range
Well reviewed CA company with lots of models and customizations offered. Medium range for most models, but can add extra pricey battery for ridiculous range on some models. Generally include rack, fenders, wired lights. Pedal assist and throttle. Can add gears on some models. Cons: most are hub motors. Heavy models. Get pricey when options are added. A fully decked out Model C would be in the $4k range.

Trek Allant+8S - $4450
Sleek modern design with top quality components. Fenders, rack, integrated lighting included. Multiple frame sizes. 10 speed shimano gears. Medium range, but can add extra pricey battery for good range. Lighter weight than many models. Can test drive, and many shops carry Trek. Cons: very pricey. No throttle. No suspension fork

Vanmoof V - Expected price $3600
Expected release late 2022. Sleek design, full suspension bike, 2 wheel drive!, Automated gears!, integrated lights. Fenders included. Kick lock anti-theft. Cons: pricey, more limited range than most in this price range, no rack (which might detract from the sleek look.). Not clear if it has throttle
VanMoof V | VanMoof

What is the appeal of an electric bike specifically? If I was going to buy an electric two wheeled transportation device, I’d buy an electric scooter or motorcycle. There are several nice ones on the market.

Can take on bike trail. No motorcycle license needed.

For me, the ability to use bike infrastructure (bike lanes, bike paths, bike parking) gives an ebike big advantages over a scooter. I can see why a scooter might be preferable for people in different situations.

Got it, thank you. We don’t have any bike infrastructure around here so that sort of benefit would never have occurred to me. The few bike paths we have specify no motors so you couldn’t use an ebike there regardless.