Dreams You Remember

That’s what I mean. “Dreams having their own logic” is your brain screwing with its own faculties.

But there’s plenty of times inside of a dream where you realize something is “wrong” and you need to make up logic.

i was hanging w some friends. out of the garage walked my mother and sister from some time period where my sister was younger, like 10 or so. mom looked to be about the right age to match sister’s. she was smiling and happy. i looked away to tell the others I was with who was here and the vision evaporated. Gone. poof.

my mom died almost 30 yrs ago. so it was nice to see her in a dream.


had two separate dreams last night.

one, my son was asking me to join him on a client presentation where what i present would be related to what i do and his client had asked about. it was supposed to be a way to help him look good. i got bogged down in some questions that made it seem like this client wasn’t a match for what i do, but i was trying to work w them all to get the needed data. --this was a blended work and family dream. odd.

second: was traveling with a former colleague. during an extended layover at the airport she was getting some sort of skin treatment that required rubbing some stuff on her skin - picture it coming from what would be like a mall kiosk vendor. her hands had other stuff on it so she asked me to rub it on her face and forehead. it got frustrating bc i was told to take “just a pinch” and i kept taking either way too much or barely any. within it, the vendor thought we were a couple when of course we are not.

Dreamed that NerdAlert was having misgivings about marrying a non-Christian???

Wtf. Clearly need to spend more time in this side of the forum, since my subconscious is so clueless.

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That’s a curious dream. I wouldn’t call them misgivings, but I am a Christian married to an atheist, which is an interesting situation to navigate, especially now with kids. I don’t think I’ve written much about it, though, especially not here, considering my 8 year wedding anniversary is tomorrow!


Wow, I don’t remember any of that consciously.

Maybe I’m less forgetful deep down…

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sounds like the perfect recipe to educate the kids on both and let them choose for themselves

Off topic

As a Christian I taught my kids that they needed to choose Christianity for themselves. It’s been interesting. One attends my church although they aren’t 100% sold on my denomination. (Neither am I these days, but that’s another post). The other left church for a few years and is now attending a Unitarian church that hosts social activities for a pagan group. I had a long talk with a pastor about this. Was I going to be doomed to Hell if I allowed the pagan stuff in my home. We decided not.

Sweetly, while this daughter has come out as bi to my uber conservative family, she has not come out as pagan. She loves her grandma and doesn’t want her to worry. :slightly_smiling_face:


Love this.

You’re supposed to kill them right? Or is that no longer Kosher, so to speak?

Idk how to respond to this. I’m probably missing some reference. Which I usually do, but then I don’t usually admit it.

I had a dream last night that I won the RPS tournament.

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2 nights ago I dreamed that my daughter kept finding snake skins in the house. We kept looking for the snake but never found it.

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“Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” -exodus, and the basis for lots of witch murder throughout history.

Maybe a little off color humor there. Anyway, I’m glad you are good with your family. Faith can be difficult to navigate these days.

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Two nights ago I dreamed I had been asked to preach a sermon at a church, and had agreed but somehow had forgotten to prepare. Things weren’t going quite as planned, but I did trust that God was going to lead me through what I should say. Woke up around 5:30am and it was a little difficult to drift back to sleep after that dream but eventually I mananged.

Last night I dreamed I was at a subway station in Austria. Someone from very far away tried grabbing a bag of mine maybe by hanging onto a loose strap, so I was on the floor hanging on to it and I could feel them pulling but eventually they gave up.
I wanted to go to a major city in a nearby country - don’t know which - but I didn’t know exactly where I was and I needed to figure out where I was and take the correct subway to a train station and from there a train. But I was having trouble finding this information on my phone. It was behaving rather uncooperatively until I realized I had just landed at the airport not long ago and I hadn’t bothered to put in the SIM card in my luggage so of course I didn’t have any data yet.