Dreams You Remember

This one was weird. I met my dad at an indoor pool where he was a lifeguard. Although he likes to swim and is trained as a lifeguard, that isn’t something he usually does. He met me with a box and we proceeded to more elevated location.

He told me to open the box, and when I did this, some sea creatures would be attracted to it. All I had to do was keep the ones already in there together and not get away and let the other ones join. Sure enough not too long after I opened the box and left it on the floor, they slowly moved towards it.

Except they were half-bananas. I had a fork with me so that I could try to knock them out if I needed. I would poke a couple of them out of curiosity, and they would writhe in pain as if they didn’t enjoy it. Eventually my box was pretty full and I resealed the lid even though more half-bananas were still approaching.

I returned to my dad, and we drove to a restaurant where a worker took us aside and examined one of the “creatures” briefly. Evidently they were very happy to be able to put this on their menu because the worker called up the owner on the phone to make sure we should get paid a fair price for our “seafood”.

Last night I dreamt that I got hockey tickets through work. When I went to the game, the starting goalie was hurt and they needed a back up and they chose me.

I played int he game, made some saves and gave up a couple goals.

No idea if we won or not, though.

I dreamt that Biden won the election, and I was grateful that the Trump-leaning population accepted it without any real division or hostility.

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slightly gross

I was at some insurance company, waiting for an interview to start at the peculiar time of 9:45am. The strange thing that kept happening was that people recognized me and wanted to greet me, but I could neither remember them nor clearly understand what they were saying to me, so I just tried to play along.

I had to go to the bathroom and it was pretty packed so I sat down on a chair in a row of chairs as if I were in a classroom. Then I started peeing. The guy in the chair in front of me had leaned forwards so now I was peeing in his seat but he hadn’t made contact with the liquid. Eventually I finished and was able to get several paper towels and warn the guy in time before he sat in it.

On my way out of the bathroom again some asian guy recognized me from Minnesota and I struggled again to have any kind of intelligible conversation. Then I woke up.

I dreamed that my wife and I were moving to another city. I don’t know where I was at the time, but I was wondering how we were going to move our possessions from point A to point B, and that we hadn’t even discussed relocation costs with my new job.

The city we were moving to: Salt Lake City

If this dream happened to me, I would have had to check the bed to make sure I didn’t actually pee. This has happened to me twice in my adult life (a couple decades) and I had been drinking the night before, but guarantee every time I have this type of dream, I’m frantically checking when I wake up.

I’ve been binge-watching old Amazing Race episodes lately.
I was a student at a school where A.R. host Phil Keoghan was a teacher. He was carrying a large binder talking about right triangles but the information on the front of the binder was all wrong. So I took it from him and told him I would fix it. In the meantime I was supposed to be working with other students to lift ourselves very high on a crane, something I wasn’t crazy about participating in. I took some time to fix the example on the front of the binder. But then Phil and his students were upset that they had missed their right triangle instruction and I was going to draft a formal apology even though I was annoyed at the same time.

I dreamed that I was with an old friend on a large elevator of a grand hotel owned by Bill Gates, going to the top. On the 80th floor, the top floor, the elevator opened into a sort of secret museum. Just one room, containing a lot of random geek memorabilia. It had a lot of original versions of video game consoles. Ataris, Sness, obscure Apples.

There was no curator, or security, or anybody really. Just random stuff behind glass. Not even little plaques explaining what the stuff was for. I wanted to go back down. It felt like trespassing. Whatever this was, it wasn’t for us. It was for Bill Gates, or some other rich people.

But my friend didn’t want to go back. He was saying random about the difficulty of old Nintendo games and kept messing with the elevator buttons.

Finally we heard someone mumbling, or was it chittering? Some noise, anyway, in the distance, so I figured, time to go right now, and I hit the button, and we started to go down, but then the elevator stopped, and then it started to go back up, like in a horror movie. We could hear people laughing now, also.

When reached the top again, I could see a face peering down from the top of the wall, which didn’t quite meet with the ceiling. There was someone there, though I couldn’t tell who, just bright eyes and an impish smile. I couldn’t think of anything else to do besides scale the elevator wall, as fast as I could, climbing onto a new secret floor-- the 81st floor. There I saw the man staring back at me, his eyes still shining. He had retreated ten feet. He was short, with a t-shirt, and a beard. There were other men there too, further back in the shadows. Not that they were hiding, exactly, just that the lighting was poor. As well as I could tell, all were short men, dressed in black, bearded, they reminded me a bit of gnomes or oompa-loompas, but they were not so short as Little People – more like 5 '1" to 5 '5", and their features were not so dramatically different from other people I know, it was just surprising that they all looked the same.

Anyway, they appeared uncertain, like they were as afraid of me as I was of them. So naturally I charged them, hoping to break what little resolve they had. Which worked-- they turn and ran, making some odd grunting or chittering sounds as they disappeared. Looking back I don’t think they really had any plan or scheme beyond the initial elevator button prank.

I wondered if they spoke any English at all, though I did not call out. Instead I continued to run after them, and found on the floor and tables lots of board games. Chess sets mostly, left in the middle of games, though other games too like Chinese Checkers or Chinese Chess or Go or else Chess boards with too many pieces. The only other noticeable furnishing were a few signs hanging from walls with the word “GEEK” stamped in large steel letters. To make a point of my aggression I kicked over a bunch of the pieces, upsetting a dozen games and puzzles before turning and retreating back to the elevator,

Gradually waking, I came to believe that it did all belong to Bill Gates. It was a sort of shrine to geekdom, worshipped by geeks. They lived together on that secret floor, and their job was to spend all day solving extremely difficult puzzles that all had no real world purpose, like a 100-move checkmate. They never left the shrine, because they never needed to. They were so devoted that they had forgotten how to interact in the outside world, even losing their grasp on language, at times even forgetting the purpose and rules of the games and puzzles that they obsessively tried to solve.

Why did it exist? It wasn’t exactly that Bill Gates loved geekdom. He knew it was a waste of time to obsess over video games and figurines and chess puzzles and abstract games. The shrine was his way of dealing with the obsession. Of literally compartmentalizing it. By assigning the gnomish men to these pointless jobs of game playing and problem solving, he was able to move on himself towards more industrious and charitable pursuits. Or at least that’s what he said to himself and his therapist. Eventually he forgot about it.

I wonder how long I’ll keep dreaming about wearing masks. I keep having variations of being somewhere and realizing I forgot to wear one and/or people around me aren’t wearing them.

I had a dream that some people from the AO knew about a portal you could travel through time and space to see other AOers. Someone from the AO came to visit me but we were both teenagers, but we had the knowledge that we do now. It was fun to visit even though it was awkward and I was self-conscious how big of a dork I was the longer he stayed. Another AOer also came through, but she didn’t see us. She was pregnant and we were trying to avoid her for some reason. When he tried to pass through the portal the next day to go home, it didn’t open as expected and I was worried my parents were going to ask who he was and that I’d be stuck trying to deal with the other AOer too. I was trying to act cool while we tried to avoid my parents and the other AOer, and I drove him around to try to find a portal or place he could hide until the portal we knew about reopened. I was also supposed to prevent him from learning about modern technology because he was from the past, so I tried to hide my phone from him and talk loudly when messages from my mom played over hands-free, as apparently I didn’t think to just turn off the car radio. I was relieved when I woke up, even though I was as groggy as hell, because I was so stressed out in the dream.

had a dream last night that I tested positive for COVID, and I kept being around people and couldn’t get away from them! I was like, people, imma give you covid. you should probably not be near me and stuff. First I was in a hotel with a lot of people and I was annoyed by this hotel and all these people. The hotel screwed up reservations or something and somehow I was just sharing a room with all these people, but it was an ugly room, and on top of that I had covid. I was also super concerned that I gave my parents COVID because I had just come home from my parents house for fathers day. I was cursing J&J for failing me. It was a stressful dream.

Finally, I woke up, and I don’t think I really had covid.

I yelled at my grandma to stop being so mean to my kid in my dream last night, and my grandpa slammed the door so hard that it created a strong enough wind to knock me into the wall.

My grandpa died 17 months ago and my grandma has never been anything but loving and kind to my kids. I don’t know what my brain was doing last night. Bad brain.

I was at a new workplace. About two or three days in, I had to take a slightly longer than usual restroom break, legitimately. Someone noticed and I was instantly branded a slacker. A meeting was set up to discuss my performance and a bunch of women basically just insulted me and said I wasn’t qualified to do hardly any of their tasks. I tried to call my boss to get my old job back, but he was unreachable. And the stairs, it was like five stories of construction and they were dangerously spaced, I had to be careful just to exit the building.

One or the more unpleasant dreams in recent memory. My current job is a great situation for me and this dream makes me appreciate it even more.

at a year end work party. was assured bonuses would meet or beat expectations. everyone was lit up and we all stayed in a hotel. the rooms were assigned based on office desk locations and so in the dream i end up snuggling with a coworker bc we were assigned to the same king sized bed.

dreams are weird. work-related reams make me think i should work less.


A couple days ago I dreamed I was in France. For someone reason something was slightly wrong with my car at home, so I thought I needed to go get my rental car in France a bit sooner than expected. But I talked with some locals and they enjoyed my company and convinced me to spend the evening with them, and they would take me to my rental car in the morning. I’m having dreams about my upcoming trip!

Last night I dreamed I was in a makeshift casino. However I wasn’t given chips as currency but large cookies. The ante was 4 chocolate chips, and you just broke off part of your cookie and tossed it in the center. But if you wanted to just eat your cookie that was fine too. But eating part of your cookie first and throwing the rest in the pot was bad form, you were supposed to do it the other way around.

Dreams of realizing you aren’t wearing a mask are the naked dreams of the pandemic. I dreamt I was somewhere without a mask and no one else was wearing one, and I was trying to avoid everyone and cover my nose and mouth without looking stupid while also completing whatever task I needed to do.

My dreams/nightmares are filled with death right now.

Last night it was: my youngest daughter attacked my mom before she left for a trip (she died after going to sleep at the hotel at her destination), attacked my spouse and my older son, and we were trying to save the injured, stop my daughter, and not involve doctors or police, because the youngest didn’t have any control and there wasn’t malicious intent behind the attacks.

It sucked. It also sucks that I still remember it.

I had a boring dream about my kid’s stupid kindergarten education. At the same time my kid dreamed that we all died in a fiery Holocaust, from volcanoes, asteroids, and the earth pivoting towards the sun.

“natural causes”


I dreamt this weekend that I was in an office spade but I couldn’t get around because I was there in a car and it was too tight to get anywhere without knocking stuff down.

I’m sure that had nothing to do with the fact that today I am back in the office 3 days a week when I don’t really want to be.