Dreams You Remember

I still think your kid should post here.

I had a dream that i picked up Breadmaker and his gf at some kind of exam, not an actuarial exam but not a trivia contest, not really sure what it was, but they were discussing it quite a bit. They both had straight light blue hair like some anime or punk hair style. Breadie was much larger than i expected. I didn’t give him any guff about starbucks. We then had to go pick up NA at the airport. On the way a large apartment building was on fire with a tremendous amount of black smoke. I said i wanted to get closer to see what was going on, but that would probably mess up the emergency response, so we drove on to airport. Once we got there, NA didn’t need to be picked up, she needed help getting to her connecting flight. I figured we wouldn’t be let in the terminal, but no one thought it was strange, and we did.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who has GoA/AO dreams.


I am just happy to make anyone’s subconscious!

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Well, I had shared a double pepperoni pizza with a friend that evening, and pepperoni tend to make my dreams very strange.

A couple of nights before I had a dream that centered around playing a bar trivia match. The dream was short, but felt connected in ways to other past dreams, regarding places and times and events. I told Mrs G it felt like there is a dream world that separate dreams access.

I don’t remember exactly what I was dreaming but some random dude was being a jerk and I called him out on it. I yelled, “Jerk Jerk Jerk!” And then Mr aj woke me up and I immediately forgot the rest of my dream except what I wrote here. (To be fair, I woke him up first.)

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