Doggo thread

Honestly, I just forgot. :dog:


Really sounds like the dog needs a strong alpha. I have a friend who seems to have that way with dogs. She can give them the side eye and foolishness stops.

I cant imagine anyone would seek out a dog like that.

My maltese dog was a bit of a jerk like that. She was a wuss around most dogs, but if you showed any fear of her she was mean. I already loved her though as i had her since she was a tiny puppy. I wouldnt seek out a dog like that. She would attack humans who showed fear. Some humans stood up to her but were also kind to her. Those people she loved. There was only one dog ever who was actually afraid of her. Other dogs saw her for the tiny wussy maltese she was

there’s a “Singles Mixer + Dog Playtime” on the Saturday before Valentine’s day.

That’s also my birthday, so I’m gonna go even without the doggo! Or maybe a friend has one I could borrow for the evening.

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@Echo: Bro needs a winglady!!! :+1: :service_dog:

One of the dogs thinks he’s getting a treat every time I go into the room I am sleeping in and open the drawer cause that’s where I tend to have his treats. Often I’m not going in there for that, but instead going for a treat for myself, but he comes running every time.

This time, he ran over with this hard cheese chew thing he was just given by another person in the house. He looked really cute and stupid in standing there expectantly. Eventually he realized the err of his ways and dropped the cheese behind him and tried to play it off that he never had it.

dogs are hilarious.

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I’m leaving on a ski trip in the morning so I dropped the dog off for boarding a little while ago. The house seems so empty now.