DeSantis is a Fascist

Great. So twig spent half the thread arguing for something that she wished was true, but ended up admitting she has no clue what she’s talking about.

But her gut response was that FL’s decision had to be justified, despite FL’s obvious anti-LGBTQ stance.

We know where she stands on this issue.


None of this is illegal in the presence of children.


I think some of the confusion is that some parents let kids watch R rated TV all the time, but would freak out if kids saw the same things live action.

Of course part of that freak out is that some parents are more careful than others about what their kids see.

Yeah. But if this show is behind a paywall I don’t know what the issue is.

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You know what the issue is. The Conservative base hates all things gay and have especially singled out anything related to transgender.

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All you need is one transphobic prosecutor to send in a willing 17-year-old with a fake ID…

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Definitely showing her ass here.

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My understanding from Twitter is that in the case being talked about, they didn’t even do that. The state is claiming that photos show people under age in the audience, but they aren’t currently claiming that they have any more detailed proof.

They presumably care more about the political grandstanding than actually getting a conviction, then.

It’s going to really suck if DeSantis wins next year.


Yeah, since it sounds like the law probably allows minors with their parents to attend, they’d need to demonstrate that there was at least one minor there without a parent. Not just a minor present.

Unless there’s something I’m not understanding about the SCOF case, which is possible.

Regardless, it seems like they were attempting to comply with the law by requiring a parent and warning about the content of the show.

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“It’s possible I was right and am just misunderstanding the evidence that shows I was wrong”


We made school shootings illegal? I guess we’re done here.



This gets at the heart of the issue. Desantis, like all fascists (lately synonymous with republicans), only care about an issue as far as it gets them power. Transexuals are easy targets because they’re mostly unseen and their existence demonstrates a scientific/biological understanding of humanity rather than a biblical one (biblical in the sense of I represent God cause I’m parsing the bible at you). The problem with targeting transexuals is their lack of visibility in society. Transvestites on the other hand are very visible and have been part of pretty much every cultural since recorded history. So, if you are a craven power seeking fascist with a bit of state power demonize and attack the transvestites in grand gestures to demonstrate your power to those that worship power and legally drive the transsexuals farther into the fringes so you can keep using them as a scary monster to your ignorant base.

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I think Twig personally is more likely to take an anti-sex stance, and would have the same feelings about a cis-burlesque.

I agree that Florida/Republicans is generally more pro-teen-sex and is making an exception for LGTBQ.

She also thinks post-op transwomen should go to male prisons and bathrooms.

No, this is not about anti-sex

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Yeah, lots of illegal stuff happens. News at 11:00.

What the… what?

Iirc, we just recently had a thread where you were more opposed to sex than violence? Maybe not.

Florida being pro-teen-sex is imo established by being home to hooters, nude strip clubs, and matt gaetz…

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I don’t remember that. I’m pretty pro-sex as a general rule, although porn & drag shows are not my preferred forms of entertainment.