DeSantis is a Fascist

I’ve been meaning to make this thread for a few months cause we need to document this now since in a few months he could end up the GOP candidate for president and all his fascism will be whitewashed. That said he is a fascist. My estimate is 20% of the GOP are hard line fascists. Trump was the warm up, the next guy is the real thing.

Since I’m not interested in doing the legwork to gather the evidence at the moment… this is a place holder. If’n you want to add some evidence (either way GOP sycophants) please feel free.


book banning is usually on the list


banning gays is up there too


You could start here



Desantis likes to use his office to punish his opponents.

He spews nonsense about the woke mob.

He fired school board members this week because he wanted to blame them for the parkland shooting, board members reelected since the shooting.

He fought to hide covid statistics and brought in anti vax surgeon General.

He is unfortunately much smarter than Trump.

He is an authoritarian.

He is a fascist.

He is a danger to the US.


Not all of these are unique to fascism.

Likes to use office to punish opponents is an apt description of Andrew Cuomo, who despite his faults is generally not labeled a fascist.

Fraudulent elections occur across the spectrum.

“Never let a crisis go to waste” is a particular version of “identifying enemies”

Regarding DeSantis and Covid stats (another issue for Cuomo), what was the outcome of the whistle-blower? My recollection is it wasn’t what she claimed. Anyone got a link
to a good retrospective on that?

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The whistleblower appears to have at least stretched the truth but for some reason it didn’t make me trust DeSantis more. He definitely bullied high school kids for wearing masks, for one thing.

But it’s been too long since I looked at that “data analyst” and I don’t even remember her name.

How would you guys feel if DeSantis is more fascist than you, but somewhat less fascist than the average Republican, and far less fascist than Trump?

I don’t think he is less fascist than Trump. His messaging is just less obviously offensive.

Don’t Say Fascist err I mean Gay

  1. Trump’s offensive messaging is central to his power, and his ruining of America. There’s not really such thing as a Secret Hitler. Hitler spent all day shitting on the Leftists and the Jews, and that was his power.

  2. I’m definitely not convinced that DeSantis is secretly as authoritarian as Trump. He’s untested. But I believe Trump was really remarkable. Like, even most bad people don’t actually want to be a dictator.

Punishing Disney for exercising free speech.

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How does one go through a decade plus of medical training and wind up anti-vaccine? You really gotta hate your life if you’re going to spend that long complying with a system that goes against your beliefs.

I don’t believe the Average Republican is well represented. He might be less Fascist than the average Trump supporter or he is just aware there are some limitation to what he can get away with

If Rebekah Jones is the data analyst you’re referencing, she’s back in the news.

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Let’s look at a leftist dictator – say Stalin’s Russia.
I think most of those still apply. The items that don’t are:

  • Religion and government intertwined
  • Corporate power protected

Yeah, she’s the one. Funny that I remembered her first name but not her last. Meep sent me something at the time (late 2020?) that showed her to not be a credible witness. So while I don’t like DeSantis, I really don’t believe anything this person says. But I did not save those links.

Authoritarians from the left generally want to abolish religion and corporations and then control the means of production with the government (themselves).

Yeah, the bigger problem is the authoritarianism. Which flavor is secondary.