Daily Dungeon

I’m at 9 moneybags, I’ll see if I get the money bag trophy next time I play

Did the daily one again on my work PC. Was able to do it pretty quick since I’d already done it today. Was fun to see all the badges though.
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 116
:stopwatch: 00:41

Edit: Hmm, not all the badges show up. Here’s a screenshot.


Okay, I’ve almost got all the badges, but I can’t figure out what the last three are.

My guess is the crown shadow in the second row will be for 100 days in a row.

The one in the third row looks plant-like, but I’ve run out of ideas on what I can do with the seeding.

Any thoughts/ideas?

The one in the top row is for playing on mobile I believe.

Aw, man - so I can’t ever get them all then! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I think that one is the door, which would wait until you break your streak. Mobile would show up at the end, so maybe it’s not even an option on non-mobile. Correct that the crown is 100, my max was just over 20 so I’m also missing the bottle pop. The last plant is either finishing in 420 seconds (maybe also 4:20) or 420 steps.


Daily Dungeon Badges Explained

:zap: - Beat game in under 1 minute
:fast_forward: - Beat game in under 90 seconds
:dash: - Beat game in under 2 minutes
:high_heel: - Beat game under a certain number of steps (37 * the number of rooms in the dungeon, to be precise)
:sparkles: - Beat Daily Dungeon for the first time
:door: - Play Daily Dungeon again after breaking your daily streak
:star: - Beat the game without picking up an item whilst carrying another item
:brain: - Beat every puzzle in the first attempt
:question: - Find the hidden room and step on the question mark
:exclamation: - Follow the question mark until it disappears
:shushing_face: - Find the super hidden room
:eye: - Beat the puzzle in the super hidden room
:mag_right: - Enter every room in the dungeon
:crown: - Daily streak of 100 or more
:champagne: - Daily streak of 50 to 100
:confetti_ball: - Daily streak of 20 to 50
:tada: - Daily streak of 10 to 20
:balloon: - Daily streak of 5 to 10
:raised_hands: - Daily streak of 2 to 5
:birthday: - Find the cake room
:cake: - Use the fork to eat the cake
:four_leaf_clover: - Use the warps until you get wrong-warped to the face room
:herb: - Beat the game with either 420 steps or in 420 seconds
:scissors: - Step on the plant before it fully grows
:tulip: - Collect the plant after it fully grows
:two_hearts: - Beat the game without collecting all the artifacts
:tophat: - Activate the portals
:rabbit2: - Use a portal
:expressionless: - Beat the face room
:arrow_heading_up: - Beat the game without using all the keys
:moneybag: - Collect at leat 10 coins
:iphone: - Beat the game on mobile


Well, I purposely waited to play again (on a different computer where I had a 26 game streak), and now have a new 1 game streak, but still no door. I wonder what the other condition(s) are…

Yep, I def have “earned it” from a literal reading of the post, but still haven’t gotten the door.

Just getting into this. I did one a few days ago and it was super simple (once I figured out what the heck I was doing), todays was much harder (finished 3:11).

What is the Question Mark that just runs away when you bonk it? (ah, I see somebody says it leads you to a treasure? For me it was went from A to B, back to A. Maybe it was intended to point out the false wall I’d already found.)

As I recall, the Question Mark runs to two or three different spots, and if once you catch it enough times it disappears and you get one of the achievements.

Shit, I already used all 3 blocks after seeing the smiley for the first time. Anything interesting behind it?

I think it’s just an alternate way to end the game.

Confirmed by doing it again in Incognito :slight_smile:

Oh hey guys!

I’m the dev for Daily Dungeon. If you have any questions, feedback, and/or suggestions for the game, let me know! It’s quite an amazing feeling to see a forum with 54 posts on my little side project from last year :grin:


Thanks for creating it! It’s a fun game to play. After you solve a dungeon it says that you’re working on another project. What are you working on and how is it coming along?

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I am in some sense haha, I have a few different ideas that i’m exploring and I’ve made some prototypes, but I’m still feeling out exactly what it is I’m trying to build. My idea is to build something that evokes the same kinds of feelings as Daily Dungeon, but in a more proper game with a longer play session. I sent out this email this morning describing some of the work I’ve done since Daily Dungeon if you wanna check it out.


The game is broken. The room with 5 shapes that need to be pressed in order is a series of colored squares that change color when stepped on but don’t have the actual shapes that form the puzzle.

I also wish I could see what’s needed for achievements as I didn’t get 5 of them and don’t know what I needed to do. Was considering testing leaving my game for an hour+ to see if there was a slow award.

It was fun though, I played it most mornings while waiting for coffee to kick in. I’d love an expanded version of this game. Maybe more puzzles that involve more than a single room. Or optional keys that can unlock shortcuts, which could be significant if the maps are larger.

That’s a new puzzle type that I added recently. The goal is to guess the right order of shapes. Green means right shape, right spot. Yellow means right shape wrong spot. Red means that shape isn’t in the sequence. Hope that helps!

A slow badge, now that’s an idea

Here’s the achievements from my post above: