Daily Dungeon

I’m sure it came about because of the Wordle craze, but this has been a fun 5 minute distraction the past couple of days:

Reminds me a lot of the Atari Adventure game from way back in the day.

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Wow - there was a lot more to today’s than I first thought!

I ended up replaying it on a different computer, and stumbled into some hidden items - I wonder how many of those there are? (I’m sticking to just the daily game, a la Wordle - I don’t want to do the “Endless Mode” and find everything right away.)

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That was fun, thanks for posting!

That was fun! Agree I’m sticking to daily

that’s fun…but hard.

I had no idea what the top puzzle was about, randomly walked around and eventually it let me solve it

Second day was much easier than first given some of the types of puzzles repeat. 2:44 to finish today.

17 minutes for me, but I think I found all the secrets. I got these badges. It took so long because of the last puzzle I found. It was a “lights out” type puzzle. I hate that game, so eventually just founda
website that would solve it for me.


I had that one yesterday. I didn’t complete it (First time playing and didn’t know that the game would end once I got the three stones)

thanks for posting. also didn’t know it would end at 3 stones but will search around more next time.

Are the layouts always the same size, number of rooms?

From the description in the first post:

I would guess not, but maybe? (I haven’t played enough days to be able to tell yet.)

Has anyone run into a smiley face block yet that is blocking a doorway? I opened it once, but I don’t know how. The second time I ran into it I couldn’t open it.

Not yet. I got a new badge today, but I don’t know what I did to earn it. I have no idea how I’m going to figure out how to earn every badge.

Yeah, I’ve figured some of the badges out, but I wish there was a place that explained them.

I fed the smiley face block one of the three game ending cubes and it opened for me

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Thanks! I’ll give that a try next time.

Are the blue whirlpool squares teleporters? I haven’t figured out how to activate or otherwise use them, but decades of gaming experience make me think that’s what a pair of swirly shapes mean.

Yeah, they are teleporters. Took me a while to figure it out: There is a hidden room somewhere that when you go over this red square thing it will activate the teleporters. To find the hidden rooms look really closely at the walls and you’ll see some lighter colors that indicate a hidden doorway. Always in the center of the wall like the normal openings.

Oh wow, lots I was missing and plenty I’m not sure what it’s about: so I wasn’t getting the fake walls until a puzzle room was solved, one having some cake that led to a badge (it’s a lie?) and another giving me access to the teleporter and subsequent ?s that ended up taking me and a treasure to a separate room that also ended the game.

I’ll do some replays to find some more secrets. Definitely a fun game of the moment for me.

That’s a great feeling when it hits, eh? :smiley:

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