Copa America 2024

A Uruguay-Colombia semi would be fine with me.

Anyone know why Fox thinks the number of yellow cards is important enough to show in the score bug?

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South American soccer is a rough sport

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TP down another team to root for

The Uruguay-Brazil game was exciting, although disappointing at 0-0. Brazil without Vini is not a real threat. Uruguay was the better team and controlled game. Ref did a pretty good job and was not quick with yellows, particularly early on despite some rough challenges. Nandez was playing great and was getting clobbered which made it ironic he got tossed.

Some observations on the fans, which were predominantly South Americans around me:

  1. Any open seat is where there ticket was. The seats in front of us were occupied by 3 different groups with the official people coming after break. Similar activity all around.
  2. Not nearly a heavy drinking crew as England games. Granted, beer is much more expensive, but people were not drunk or unusually loud.
  3. Fans could sit in same area and work to drown out others with their singing. No confrontations.

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Must have been a fun crowd. At least there was one American there!

I expect the Canada-Argentina match will be like a home game for Argentina. Can’t imagine many Canadians bought tickets for a semi-final match assuming Canada would be playing.

I expect Canada will take chances and try to score early. They are playing with house money so why not? The option is to play for a scoreless tie and try to win on kicks. Either way I have to think this is the end of the road for Canada at COPA.

There’s a Polandball out regarding Canada in Copa America

Click to embiggen; beware the non-English naughty words:



Outcome as expected when the #1 team in the world plays #48. Canada should have had a few goals themselves so I think Argentina may struggle in the Final against a much better team.

Fun start to this one. It’s basically a Colombia home game, but both teams with some exciting play.

A lot of bitching about a second yellow, but a deliberate elbow to the chest while on the first yellow will do that.

Count Dracula is on and went very close. Commentator said he took a chunk out of a Colombian defender’s leg. Impressive.

Best game of this tourney so far. The final will hopefully be fun.

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When there was a bit of a.minor skirmish post game, I wondered if we could see a bite. Insane that a great player has that as his legacy.

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Holy shit that Uruguay players went into the stands to rumble post match

A shot of the chaos. Hard to tell from the angle, but players have to go up the steps to enter the stands.

I am not surprised, as the one game I attended here had ridiculously lax security.

But the pitch …

Another angle: Nuñez climbed up from the field level when there was some trash talking and pushing. Then the haymakers start

Did they mention Darwin Award Candidate?

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Suarez whines about celebrations.
Colombia: “Bite me!”
Suarez takes it literally…

“Jeez, America, haven’t you ever heard of razor wire on top of fences to keep fans away from each other??”

And Bielsa goes off on pitches and training pitches.
I don’t see any stories about Bolivia not being able to train on the practice pitch via Google, only references to this news conference.