Copa America 2024

We’ve been talking a little Copa America in the catch all soccer tournaments thread, but I think it’s worthy of it’s own thread.

The Schedule:

The Athletic is reporting that tickets will go on sale in February.

They indicate “each Copa América venue will sell match tickets via their preferred ticket partners, rather than all tickets for the tournament going up for sale through a single system, as they do for FIFA World Cups. In effect, tickets for games would be available for purchase via either Ticketmaster or SeatGeek, depending on where the game is being held.”

Here is where you’ll likely need to do your ticket shopping by venue:

Arlington AT&T Stadium SeatGeek
Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium Ticketmaster
Austin Q2 Stadium SeatGeek
Charlotte Bank of America Stadium Ticketmaster
NY/NJ area MetLife Stadium Ticketmaster
Houston NRG Stadium Ticketmaster
LA area SoFi Stadium Ticketmaster
Bay Area Levi’s Stadium Ticketmaster
Phoenix State Farm Stadium SeatGeek
Las Vegas Allegiant Stadium Ticketmaster
Kansas City, Mo. Arrowhead Stadium SeatGeek
Kansas City, Kan. Children’s Mercy Park SeatGeek
Miami Hard Rock Stadium Ticketmaster
Orlando Exploria Stadium Ticketmaster

That will make it challenging to follow a team. I’m hoping that also means I might have some sort of priority access as a season ticket holder for two teams in my venue. Besides looking for ATL tickets, I might consider a road trip for the semifinal in Charlotte IFF I can score tickets that aren’t at exorbitant prices.

I’m shocked there’s that many venues not using Ticketmaster.

Tickets go on sale a week from today, Feb 28th, at 10am local time for each stadium.

I get access to a Copa America presale tomorrow AM due to being a MLS season ticket holder. Seems highly likely I can get my paws on tickets for both local matches.

I have also been told matches will be considerably more expensive than MLS. They won’t release pricing before the sale starts tomorrow, which is annoying as I’d normally like to decide on a price/quality strategy in advance. I do know I am allowed to buy up to 8 tickets per match, which seems high given that I only have 2 season tickets.

AI (not you, the other one) will determine the ticket prices based on how many people are signed up waiting the opening of the box office. Terribly one-sided info which should be prohibited for selling. (My “fairness” score is revealing itself.)

So, what needs to be done is that NO ONE signs in. Prices drop, THEN, people can sign in. Pretty sure the AI will catch on, though. OK, so ONLY ONE PERSON AT A TIME signs in.

The prices for the ARG match were ridiculous. I bought 2 tickets anyway.

The USMNT match prices were much more reasonable, but since I shopped the ARG match first a huge amount of tickets were gone. Snapped up 2 late.

Going to get 2 to QF at Allegiant. $175+fees for lower corner

Done - Sec 144 Row 21. $249 w all fees. Nuts for the fees but hope for a good match-up. Dream would be US-Brazil. Worst case if top teams advance, Uruguay-Colombia. So, worst case would be Nunez against Diaz.

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China’s tantrum keeps the US winning more ARG matches. Two more friendlies in June as well as the ones in March.

How many of the 34 regular season MLS matches will Messi play in? I mean, the MLS ignores international breaks like the plague. I think Messi will skip the Olympics, since he’s done it, and since they are in France and why should he go back there.

Isn’t the menns olympics still basically U23? Messi hasn’t played in the Olympics for a long time

U23 with three over-aged players.

A USMNT pre-tournament match vs Brazil that isn’t too far away? Hmm, you have my interest. I might try to swing it

ESPN says it’s at Camping World Stadium, a big stadium, but which has AstroTurf.
It would be one thing if Camping World was being used for the Copa, and grass would be laid down for this match. Only a couple of games at Inter&Co Stadium where the MLS team plays.
One-off match, or will it host other friendlies in the run-up?

Maybe Allstate pays for the grass. Get good old “Mayhem” out there.
“Hi, I’m artificial turf, and I’m gonna tweak your knee real bad, hahahaha! You’ll be out a year or so. Hope you have AllState insurance for these kind of accidents.”

The matchup for the opener is finalized: Argentina vs Canada

Bump, for banning known hooligans.

Kinda wished this match had been a bit later in the schedule. Canada doesn’t need the inevitable embarrasment to be so highlighted.

Well, ARG lost their first match to effing Saudi Arabia at the 2022 World Cup.

As The Who said: “won’t get fooled again!”

Argentina will take the game more seriously this time.

ATT Stadium is getting their grass in gear.

Still need to get to 72 yards wide in two years, unless they can bribe FIFA with enough money.

For sure, but Brazil has a much tougher path than ARG. To make the finals Brazil will definitely have to face Colombia, with both Uruguay and the US also on that side of the bracket. The toughest teams on Argentina’s side of the bracket are a retooling MEX side, Ecuador, and Peru. Seems it’s a setup for a Messi swan song.

Brazil and Argentina are so much better than the field that I fully expect that will be the final.

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Well, ARG was arguably the #1 seed, and BRA was arguably the #2 seed. The #2 seed will always have a slightly tougher road than the #1 seed, having possibly to play, for example, the #3 seed.

What was questionable about this Copa is that MEX was put into Pot #1 instead of URU (third-best team by World Rankings). The rule is that MEX is the reigning Gold Cup Champs, and the USA is the next-highest-ranked CONCACAF team.

Some reasonably good news: Female Referees will be used, including the USA team that refereed the WWC finals. They might get picked for the Final, assuming USMNT don’t make it. But, it’s CONMEBOL, so I don’t expect any enlightened decision, especially as this is the first time females have been chosen as referees ever in a Copa.
I should check ticket prices for the Glendale match on July 6, where winner Group D (BRA, likely) will play the runner up Group C (USA, likely). At least it will be indoors, in AZ. Gonna be 110 outside, I bet.
Will need to check the local listings in my locality for USA’s 6/27 and 7/1 matches, as I’ll be away from home. Yes, that far away.