ChatGPT Chatbot

Well at least we have proof it’s not that smart.

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It’s great for generating content. I need 100 articles on life insurance for a website.

  1. give me the top 100 search terms for life insurance.
  2. write an SEO optimized 500 word blog post on 1. 2.,…etc.
  3. then tweak so it passes the AI detector.
  4. post 100 articles on website.

Takes 2-4 days. And while the content isn’t ‘expert level’, it’s better than most of the life insurance content I see online.

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I don’t write about life insurance for free…

…and dear lord, this shit is awful

I asked for a cheesy love song, and it really nailed the cheesy.


Ok here it is. But after I learned it writes music, I learned it also writes code. So I had it write me a game in VBA and it gave me code for Rock Paper Scissors. I mean, I could have written it myself if somebody asked, but why do something yourself if you can have a robot do it for you? Anyway, I think I’m going to add it to all my reports so anybody who wants to use one of my reports has to beat the computer at RPS.

Oh darling, you are my one and only
You fill my heart with love, sweet and bountiful
I get lost in your eyes, they’re so bright and true
I am yours, my love, forever and always, I’ll stay true

Your touch is like magic, it sets my soul on fire
I am yours, my love, until the end of time
I’ll hold you close and never let go
You are the missing piece, the one that makes my life whole

Oh darling, you are my everything
I love you more with each and every breath
I’ll cherish every moment, every second, every day
I’ll love you in every single way

You are the beat of my heart, the rhythm of my soul
I am yours, my love, forever whole
I’ll love you more and more each day
I am yours, my love, in every single way

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I was secretly hoping for literal cheese.


You got it, buddy.

Verse 1:
I love cheese, oh how I adore it
Melty, gooey, and oh so flavorful
From cheddar to gouda, to feta and brie
There’s a cheese for every mood, don’t you agree?

Cheese, cheese, oh so fine
I could eat it all the time
In a sandwich, on a cracker, or just by itself
There’s nothing better, no one can delf

Verse 2:
From the farms of France, to the fields of Spain
Cheese has been a part of history’s reign
With so many types, it’s hard to choose
But I’ll try them all, I’ve got nothing to lose

Cheese, cheese, oh so fine
I could eat it all the time
In a quesadilla, on a pizza, or in a stew
It adds something special, something brand new

So don’t be afraid, to give cheese a try
You won’t be disappointed, I can guarantee it’s no lie
From the creamy to the sharp, there’s something for everyone
So let’s raise a glass, and have some fun

Cheese, cheese, oh so fine
I could eat it all the time
In a grilled cheese, on a burger, or with some fruit
It’s the perfect pairing, let’s give it a hoot

Cheese, cheese, oh so divine
I’ll eat it anytime
It’s a tasty treat, that I can’t resist
Cheese, cheese, I’ll never miss



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New word for me. Not sure it works in context but it sure does rhyme.

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I noticed that there was an aa-bb rhyming pattern in the whole song, except the first 2 lines. Then I looked a little closer.

“I adore it”

Adore - flavor. It rhymed the 2nd to last syllable instead of the last. Freakin’ brilliant!

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I have a friend who is using it to write Olive Garden ads.

to be fair, he is giving chatGPT most of the content. But some of these… I will give you one of the “creations”


Write a script for a TV ad for Olive Garden. Make it normal, with the only exception: Every Olive Garden now has a live polar bear on premesis. The bear will walk around and sometimes eat someone. Everyone claps and laughs when someone is being eaten by the bear. Mention unlimited salad and breadsticks. Eventually the bear eats the Narrator. Tagline: “Hospitaliano and Bearitaliano!”


(We open on a SERENE SCENE of the Olive Garden dining room. A waiter walks around in his whites, carrying a tray of steaming plates of food. In the background, patrons are enjoying their meals, conversation, and laughter)

NARRATOR: (In enchanting Italian accent) Come to Olive Garden and enjoy the unique experience of having a live polar bear on premises. (We pan over to a white polar bear slowly meandering around the tables. He stops now and then to sniff and observe the people while they eat and laugh. Patrons smile and wave at the bear, occasionally throwing him a piece of breadstick or salad)

NARRATOR: (In enchanting Italian accent) Our polar bear creates an atmosphere of camaraderie and enjoyment that is unmatched by any other restaurant. (The bear is now walking closer to the camera. He intermittently stops for hugs, belly rubs, and photo-ops)

NARRATOR: (In enchanting Italian accent) Plus, you get unlimited salad and breadsticks with every meal. (The bear climbs up on the table where the Narrator is sitting and the camera follows him. The Narrator smiles and the bear roars. The patrons clap and cheer as the bear slowly devours the Narrator)

TAGLINE: (In enchanting Italian accent) Hospitaliano and Bearitaliano!

(The camera pans up to the Olive Garden logo.) FADE OUT.

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Dr Lincolnsuess

Once upon a time, way back when,
Our dads did something new, back then
They made a land, where all were free
And equal, as you and me

But now we’re in a war, oh my!
It’s testing us, and asking why
Can this new land, survive the test?
And will it stand, above the rest?

We’re here today, to make this spot
A place where brave men’s lives were bought
But really, this ground is special because
Of those who fought and won, without a pause

The world may not remember what we say
But the deeds of these men, will never fade away
So it’s up to us, to carry on
And make sure their sacrifice wasn’t done in vain and gone

We’ll keep this nation going, with a hop! a skip! a jump!
And make sure that the people lead, and not a bunch of chumps
So government of the people, by the people, for the people
Will never die, but live forever, like a happy little steeple!


This thing is like if smarter child had more info or something

are humans familiar with it though…