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I need y’all to help crowdsource some funny prompts for OpenAI’s new chatbot. It’s in the name of science, people.

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We’ve trained a model called ChatGPT which interacts in a conversational way. The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer followup questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.

actual bot (might need to make an account or access through google)

sample prompt/answer:

me: write a movie trailer script about an actuary who also fights crime

bot: Title: The Actuary Avenger

(A man in a suit sits at a desk, surrounded by stacks of papers and books. He looks focused and intense.)

Narrator: Meet John Smith, an ordinary actuary by day…

(Suddenly, the man’s eyes flash with determination. He stands up, pulls off his suit jacket to reveal a superhero costume underneath.)

Narrator: …and the Actuary Avenger by night!

(The Actuary Avenger leaps into action, using his knowledge of math and statistics to solve crimes and bring justice to the streets.)

Narrator: With his incredible powers of calculation and analysis, the Actuary Avenger is the only hero who can take on the most complex and dangerous cases.

(The Actuary Avenger faces off against a group of criminals, using his wits and intelligence to outsmart them and save the day.)

Narrator: But when a powerful new villain threatens the city, the Actuary Avenger must risk everything to stop him.

(The Actuary Avenger and the villain clash in an epic battle, with the fate of the city hanging in the balance.)

Narrator: Will the Actuary Avenger be able to save the day and prove once and for all that brains are mightier than brawn?

(The Actuary Avenger triumphs over the villain, standing tall as the people of the city cheer and celebrate.)

Narrator: The Actuary Avenger: coming to a theater near you!

Is there a hot girl in the plot??? :popcorn:

There better be no hot girls in his plot!!

Needs > 1 hot girl!!! James Bond and Batman always has > 1 hot girl!!! :judge:

jokes could use some punching up but not bad

It passed the ultimate test …

a short story of an actuary during the dark ages who used statistics to usurp the throne and enslave the kingdom

The AI:

In the dark ages, an actuary named John lived in a kingdom ruled by a tyrannical king. John had studied the art of statistics and used his knowledge to analyze the kingdom’s population and resources.

He realized that the king’s rule was inefficient and wasteful, and he devised a plan to overthrow him. John gathered a group of loyal followers and used his statistical analysis to predict the outcome of a rebellion.

He calculated the probability of success and the potential losses, and determined that the risks were worth taking. With this information, John and his followers marched on the king’s castle and took over the throne.

As the new ruler, John used his knowledge of statistics to make the kingdom more efficient and prosperous. He allocated resources wisely and made strategic decisions based on data. The people of the kingdom prospered under his rule.

However, John’s power soon corrupted him. He began to see the people as mere numbers and statistics, and he enslaved them to work in his factories and mines. The once-thriving kingdom became a place of misery and suffering.

The people revolted, but John’s statistical analysis predicted their movements and quashed their rebellion. He remained in power for many years, but the kingdom never regained its former glory.

In the end, John’s thirst for power and his reliance on statistics led to the downfall of the kingdom and the suffering of its people.


That’s pretty cool

Write a sitcom scene of a Canadian moving to America and marrying her sweetheart.


We see a young couple, JESSICA and BRAD, sitting on their couch. Jessica is holding a small Canadian flag.

BRAD: So, you’re really going through with it? Marrying an American?

JESSICA: (smiling) Of course! I love you, Brad.

BRAD: (grinning) I love you too, Jessica. But moving to America is a big step.

JESSICA: I know. But I’ve always dreamed of living in the land of opportunity. Plus, your family is there.

BRAD: (laughing) Yeah, and they can’t wait to meet their new Canadian daughter-in-law.

JESSICA: (giggling) I can’t wait to meet them too. And try some real American food.

BRAD: (winking) You mean like hamburgers and apple pie?

JESSICA: (nodding) Exactly!

BRAD: (putting his arm around her) Well, I’m glad we’re taking this step together.

JESSICA: (snuggling into him) Me too, Brad. It’s going to be an adventure.

The scene fades to black as they continue to cuddle on the couch.


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Brad?? :neutral_face:

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This thing will replace us all:
Me: write step by step instructions for creating a claim lag triangle with health data

  1. Gather data on the number of health claims filed in a specific time period. This can be obtained from a health insurance company or government agency.
  2. Organize the data into a table with columns for each year and rows for each type of claim.
  3. Calculate the number of claims for each year by summing the values in each row.
  4. Plot the total number of claims for each year on the y-axis and the year on the x-axis to create a line graph.
  5. Calculate the cumulative number of claims for each year by summing the values from the previous years.
  6. Plot the cumulative number of claims for each year on the y-axis and the year on the x-axis to create a line graph.
  7. Connect the points on the two line graphs to create a diagonal line. This line represents the “claim lag” and shows how many claims were filed in a given year compared to previous years.
  8. Use this claim lag triangle to analyze trends in health claims and make predictions about future claims.

Can you add some explosions and a hawt girl to your claims triangle story??

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I only changed one word in the prompt, but turns out this AI is pro consent.

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Good thing it’s Friday and I don’t have a lot of work to get done. I should probably stop posting everything, but I’m having fun…

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write a rap song about a boy named timmy who is upset because his sister stole his favorite calculator

(Verse 1)
Timmy was mad, he was feeling sour
His sister took his calculator, he was getting drowsy
He tried to hide it, but she was too sly
She took it right from under his nose, now he’s feeling high and dry

Timmy, Timmy, what are you gonna do?
Your sister stole your calculator, now you feel blue
But don’t you worry, don’t you frown
Just get another one and you’ll be back in town

(Verse 2)
Timmy’s sister, she’s a real pain
She always takes his things, it’s driving him insane
But Timmy’s smart, he’s not a fool
He’ll find a way to get his calculator back, he’s not a tool

Timmy, Timmy, what are you gonna do?
Your sister stole your calculator, now you feel blue
But don’t you worry, don’t you frown
Just get another one and you’ll be back in town

Timmy’s sister, she thinks she’s so cool
But Timmy’s got a plan, he’s gonna rule
He’ll get his calculator back, he’ll make her pay
And then he’ll be the one with all the power, yay!

Timmy, Timmy, now you’re back in control
Your sister stole your calculator, but you’ve got your soul
You showed her who’s boss, you made her see
That you’re the one with all the power, you’re the one with the key.

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for what it’s worth, the bot is not familiar with the characteristic style of the poet e e cummings, so that should buy us a few years before the singularity