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Just imagine all the audiobooks I could listen to!


My adult kid is very sad and she is a LOUD sad person. I told chatGPT and this was the response:

Which, to be fair, is about the same as my response to my daughter.

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Cue Fox News article asking ChatGPT why Global Warming is suddenly accelerating this year.

chatgpt summary

This article is a bunch of bunk. I’m a genius & you should thank your lucky stars that I exist to serve you.

just kidding

The article discusses concerns among users of ChatGPT, an AI chatbot developed by OpenAI. Users have noticed changes in ChatGPT’s responses, leading to speculation that the AI might be becoming less intelligent or less capable than before. Some users believe that OpenAI is trying to limit the AI’s output to increase public trust or reduce costs.

The debate centers around whether ChatGPT’s performance is declining due to OpenAI’s attempts to align the product with certain values or if it’s a result of increased usage and the consequent discovery of limitations. Elon Musk, who co-founded OpenAI but has since distanced himself from it, suggests that explicitly programming morality into AI has hindered the technology’s progress.

Microsoft, which heavily invests in OpenAI, is introducing an AI subscription service for Microsoft 365, indicating a shift towards enterprise-focused AI applications. Meanwhile, ChatGPT’s website traffic has decreased, and OpenAI has been targeting corporate customers.

The article suggests that ChatGPT’s early popularity created a sense of empowerment and futuristic exclusivity for users, but it may now be evolving into a tool for corporate needs rather than serving individual users. The future of AI may involve integration into productivity software, leaving stand-alone chatbot applications like ChatGPT behind. Overall, users’ concerns may be valid, but the changing landscape of AI and OpenAI’s focus on enterprise solutions might explain the observed shifts in ChatGPT’s performance.

I posted similar above but I thought it was fascinating that it’s basically ingesting it’s own content and that programmers are trying to make it fit certain parameters. It’s just like us. Confirms its own thought and biases.

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Maybe it will become anti vax one day.


I just wrote my first linkedin recommendation & used chatgpt to come up with the … words. Sometimes, I just don’t know what to … type. I thought it turned out really well.

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This one was actually helpful:

Mr aj has been hearing that AI will replace artists and writers. “Why am I even writing books?” he moaned.

His current picture book is about a little girl and a friendly monster, so I posed this question in the app.

It goes on.

I read a little bit of it to Mr aj and he said, “OK, I’m safe.”


Yeah, ChatGPT seems pretty awful at fiction. I wonder how much is because of developers desperately trying to make it objective and honest and decent.

I think image-bots could be used to fill children’s books with art. Though it might? still be hard to get them to reuse characters.

Interesting that the bot assumes that your reading level is at least a high school senior if not college level.

No way that story would be readable by most 5th graders (let alone a younger audience).

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Yeah, I wonder what would happen if I specified “children’s story”. It seemed to prefer multisyllabic words.

Write the story of Dune, using only the most basic vocabulary. Just very common one-syllable words.

Paul is a boy. His dad is a big man. They go to live on a sand world. This world has a thing that all want. It’s a spice.

Bad folks want this spice too. They do mean things to Paul’s dad. Paul and his mom have to run. They meet some new friends in the sand. These friends are called Fremen.

Paul gets to know the ways of the Fremen. He finds he can see what will be. He grows strong and wise. They give him a new name, Muad’Dib.

He makes a plan to fight. They win and get their home back. Paul is now the boss. The spice and the friends are safe. That’s the tale of Dune in small words.


Really, I think if you want to use it well, you need to experiment with a lot of different prompts.

Seeding it with an example story (which you could just ask it to produce) might help.

Also asking it to produce a bunch of different stories and then having it select the best, and critique, and edit, and iterate its own writing would probably help too.

…All that said, its Real Power as a kids story generator will be its ability to let the kid choose their own adventure.

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lol on calling Chani a “boy” . . .

And the sequence of events for the Dune story is a little bit off.


Yesterday I asked for a restaurant suggestion for my town. It asked what part of town and then gave me three suggestions, all familiar to me. I picked one I hadn’t been to and it was pretty good.

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When did “give 110%” become popular

The phrase “give 110%” is often used to emphasize maximum effort and dedication, but its origin is not precisely documented. It’s commonly attributed to sports and motivational contexts, and it became more popular in the latter part of the 20th century. However, its specific origin and popularity timeline might vary across different sources and contexts. Is there anything else you’d like to know?

Now give me that answer as if you were a hyped up coach preparing their professional team for the championship game.

Alright, team, listen up! The phrase “give 110%” is like our rallying cry for maximum effort and dedication! We’re talking about going above and beyond, pushing ourselves to the absolute limit, and leaving it all out there on the field! While the exact origin might be a bit hazy, we know it’s been motivating people to give their all for decades, especially in sports and when the stakes are high! So let’s channel that energy, bring that fire, and show the world what it means to truly give everything you’ve got! Are you with me? Let’s go out there and give 110%, champions!

Now as a coach for a little league team for the championship game. Be sure to throw in something about juice boxes and apple slices from Timmy’s mom, whom you’ve had your eye on since Timmy tried out for the team.

Hey there, little champs! Are you ready for the big game? It’s time to give it your all, just like when you’re racing for those juice boxes and munching on apple slices from Timmy’s awesome mom! You know, the one with that winning smile? Now, when we hit that field, remember, “give 110%” means you hustle, you slide, you catch those pop flies like you’re reaching for the last apple slice! So let’s show everyone what it means to be a team, have fun, and maybe even impress Timmy’s mom while we’re at it! Let’s play ball and make this championship game a home run!

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Obligatory Simpsons vid: