Bridge: Up for a challenge?

Lose to AA 7-2. Reissued

Correction, per BBO I won, by minus 5, since he only played 9 boards. Maybe I should have just reported it as a win, without mentioning the margin of victory or the score.

Sorry. Coming up for air after this weekend.

Lose to procrastinator by 9; win vs NN by 9. Both reissued

oirg wins the regular challenge with +9.50, by 7.25. I win the declare-only with 62.50%, by 6.25%.

Because I’m going to be busy in the next two weeks, I’ll only reissue one challenge per day. Regular challenge reissued.

Win by 31 vs AA. To be reissued tomorrow. Declare-only reissued.

Win by 4 vs procrastinator, with a push on a board where we both bid a slam off two aces after using Blackwood (partner’s 5S response showing 2 key cards and the trump queen took us beyond the 5H we could make). Lose to NN by 7. Vs AA reissued.

(All to be reissued in sequence, but only issuing one per day, probably until June 9.)

NN wins the regular challenge with +20.50, by 15.75. :swear: I was last, possibly would have been last even without board 11, but CHO deserves a ton of blame on board 11 for letting the opponents play 3C undoubled after I opened 2C.

Vs procrastinator issued.

procrastinator wins a very tight declare-only, contested by only 3 participants, with 51.56%, by 1.56%.

I won the regular challenge with +39.75, by 37.50.

I don’t plan to report scores except the group ones, nor specify reissued challenges. As least for a while, I’ll just be reissuing one per day since I don’t expect to have time to play more than one match per day.

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procrastinator wins the declare-only with 53.65%, by 2.87%.

From NN by e-mail

                       A     B         C       D     E     F       G         H
procrastinator        3H    5D        3H      3C    1N    3D      4S        CK
oirg                  3H     P        2N      2S    1N    3H      4S        D6
SW                    3N     P        3H      3C    2C    3D      4S        DJ
Klaymen               3H     P        2N       P    2C    3D      4S        DJ
BTDT                  4N     P        3D      2D     P    3C      4S        H2
NN                    3H     P        2N      3C    1N    3D      3S        CK
veni vidi vici        2S     P        3H      3C     P    3C      4S        CK
Abstract Actuary      3C    4N        3H       P    1N    3C      3S        H2
Submitted             3H     P        3H      3C    1N    3D      4S        CK

Submitted since all likely voters have voted, and nothing is tied.