Bridge: Up for a challenge?

I beat procrastinator by 2 and AA by 16, AA in part thanks to 6 imps on a misclick that turned into a stripe-tail ape double (pass intended). I defended 5D X making 6; AA passed and defended 6D making 6.

Strip-tail ape double: Doubling opponents on their way to slam, hoping they will just play the doubled contract (perhaps fearing bad breaks) instead of bidding 6. Called “stripe-tail ape” double because if the opponents redouble, doubler runs like a stripe-tail ape. (Here, with the double just a misclick, I would have had to sit for a redouble. Ouch.)

Group challenges reissued tonight. Those individual challenges likely reissued tomorrow.

Interesting idea. So if you and partner agree to this convention, any double of a game is a either a stripe-tailed ape double or business double and should be passed?

Not a convention. Just a strategy. Partner always assumes it’s a penalty double and acts accordingly (including leaving it to you to double again if they bid slam in the denomination you doubled). Only significant misunderstanding risk is if opps bid slam in a different denomination and partner doubles that, expecting you had the first denomination beaten.

I lose to NN by 22. Vs procrastinator (unintentionally 8 boards) and AA (noticed in time, so 16) reissued; NN to be reissued tomorrow.

NN wins the regular challenge with +21.50, by 7.75. He also wins the declare-only with 61.72%, by 8.59%. I forgot to reissue the individual challenge yesterday, so I reissued it tonite and plan to reissue the group challenges tomorrow.

I beat procrastinator by 10 and AA by 15. Probably to be reissued tomorrow

I beat NN by 6, when we pushed a board at 6NT making 7 with 16 top tricks, on exactly the same auction. I wasn’t happy with my auction, nor was he I expect, but I couldn’t think of anything else reasonable. I would not have bid CHO’s hand the way the bot did (open 1S, then raise my 2C to 3C with 8 spades headed KQ10 and KQJ of clubs), but I have seen worse things from bots.

Vs procrastinator and AA reissued tonite. Vs NN probably tomorrow.

NN wins the regular challenge with +12.50, by 11.00. I win the declare-only with 63.28%, by 6.25%. Vs NN Both reissued

I lose to AA by 10 and beat procrastinator by 6. Both reissued

Lose to NN by 11. Reissued

NN wins the declare-only with 62.24%, by 10.42%. I win the regular challenge with +9.75, by 7.00. Both reissued

Unintentionally, the regular challenge is issued by SW49. The declare-only is issued by SW1.

I beat procrastinator by 3. I tied AA 26-26, because I win 1 imp on the last board when LHO makes perhaps the worst play I’ve ever seen from a bot. I’m declarer in 2NT, lead is in dummy.
Screenshot 2024-05-04 at 8.58.46 PM
I lead dummy’s spade to my K, and LHO pitches a club, when he knows I have 2 left (his partner has shown out, so he knows the entire club position). Making an overtrick.

As the card lie, I could have made the overtrick on my own, but that would have created some chance of going down, with little chance of the overtrick, so I arrived at the position shown, basically cashing out.

Both reissued.

Note that for $0.10 BBO (10 BBO cents) you could play in the country vs country challenge. Play with bots, just like in our challenges. 32 boards that you play over Monday, Tues, Wed this week (could play all 32 the same day if you wanted)

Lose to NN by 5. Reissued

oirg runs away with the regular challenge, +32.50, by 25.75. NN wins the declare-only with 55.47%, by 3.13%. Both reissued.

Yesterday: Lose 4-1 to procrastinator. Win by 20 vs AA. Both matches (in error) only 8 boards. Today my match with NN should have been only 8 boards. Timed out during board 14. All three reissued, 16 boards.

oirg wins the declare-only with 58.59%, by 1.56%. AA wins the regular challenge with +15.50, by 11.50. Both reissued

win by 4 vs AA. Reissued

VERY strange day 1 of the 2-day weekend event. 51.65%, but only 1 board of 10 in the 30%-70% range, even though I thought I was playing very normally. Only 28.7% when CHO bot passed a 3S bid that the notes said was forcing, which made 6 because his hand was so good for me and lead was favorable (normal, but favorable). Double dummy, makes 4.

In our challenges, I beat procrastinator by 4 and NN by 2. Both reissued.

procrastinator wins the declare-only with 60.42%, by 9.36%. He wins the regular challenge even more convincingly, +38.25, the only +imp result.

Both reissued