Bridge: Up for a challenge?

NN wins the regular challenge with +16.25, by 7.50. I lose to AA by 14. Both reissued.

All challenges expire March 26 (eastern time), but the declare-only and vs NN expire very early (before 1AM)

Procrastinator wins the declare-only (Imps, by mistake) with +12.25, by 3.75. I beat NN by 5. Both reissued

I win the regular challenge with +28.34, the only +imps score. I time out against AA during board 5. Both reissued.

I beat NN by 8. Reissued

I win the declare-only with 60.16%, by 7.82%. Reissued

I win the regular group challenge with +29.75, by 19.75. I beat AA by 17. I almost got started against procrastinator. Challenge was still there when I clicked on it, but I didn’t even get to see board 1. (I think, that was at least today’s activity. Don’t think I played any of the boards before today.)

Regular challenge and vs AA reissued. Vs procrastinator probably tomorrow.

Thought I did, but don’t see them. So those two were just issued now, and I’ll still wait for procrastinator.

I beat NN by 26. I just finished the declare-only, now played by 4 of 5. After finishing, I saw that it was imps, unintentionally. Vs NN and vs procrastinator reissued.

I think new, and I didn’t do it, but it is now possible to have a 2-way challenge be declare-only. Until today I don’t remember ever seeing that as an option except for group challenges.

oirg with a big win in the IMP declare-only, with +30.75, by 24.00. Reissued, matchpoints.

Did I miss some challenges again? Probably. Can’t find vs AA or regular group. I lose to procrastinator by 21 and NN by 6. Vs AA and regular group reissued today. Vs procrastinator and vs NN probably tomorrow.

I win the declare-only with 60.94%, by 3.91%.

I did go ahead and reissue those as planned. I hope I’ll be able to play them. Since I am about to go on vacation for 8 nights, I don’t expect to reissue any others before April 13.

procrastinator wins the regular challenge with +11.25, by 8.00. I beat AA by 15.

To be reissued some time Apr 12-15.

I lose to procrastinator by 9. I thought I was in good shape for time against NN, but hadn’t realizing deadline was in the afternoon. Timed out during board 12 or 13. Due to travel today, I couldn’t have finished earlier.

Likely to be reissued between Apr 12-15

both group challenges were reissued and end on the 16th. Vs AA and procrastinator reissued tonite. Vs NN to be reissued tomorrow.

NN wins the declare-only with 60.94%, by 8.44%. NN also wins the regular challenge with +14.00, by 13.25. I beat AA by 11 and lose to procrastinator by 17.

Both group challenges reissued. Those two individual challenges likely to be reissued tomorrow.

Lose to NN by 22. Likely to be reissued tomorrow.